9 Hottest Fashion Trends for Winter 2010-2011 ...

With winter coming, perhaps it's time that we update our wardrobes a bit. Well, here are the hottest winter ****fashion trends that may help you in your winter shopping.

Top designers have done their jobs... it's our turn to do ours! (Yay!) Let's make sure that the streets are filled with fashionable women with fabulous winter style this season! ;)

1. Coats

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Invest in a good coat that you will look good in... If you have a chance to buy a designer piece, go for it! A good Italian or French wool coat will last you 3 years minimum and you’ll be seen wearing it most of the time! So you will definitely get the money worth it, even if the coat will cost you around $1.000!

In terms of colors, black, brown and gray are the traditional hues for winter coats and you will see these colors on most women, but if you truly want to stand out from the winter crowd, a little attitude won't hurt.

Venture in bright plaids, animal prints, pinks, reds, or go all white (or beige) for a fabulous winter look that will pop. I know, the dry cleaning bill will be huge (if you go white), but it will be worth every single penny!

Want to know what coat silhouettes are in fashion this winter? Check out 35 Most Fashionable Winter Coats and you'll get the idea! From girlie to sexy, from belted to capelet - I am sure you will find just the perfect winter coat for you!

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