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14 Hottest Shoes with Fringe Tassels and Ruffles ...

By Olga

This winter shoes are getting glamed up with f****ringe, tassel and ruffle details, Ladies! Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo are just a few names of the geniuses who started this** fabulous winter shoe trend**!

Are you ready to get blown away by our Top 14 Hottest Shoes**** with Fringe, Tassels and Ruffles? If so, let the show begin!

Table of contents:

  1. leather platform sandals with tassel detail by christian louboutin
  2. suede platform booties by john galliano
  3. suede boots with fringe and stud detail by gucci
  4. christian louboutin forever tina boots
  5. jimmy choo bill boots
  6. christian louboutin python pump with ruffle detail
  7. prada ruffle back pump
  8. prada ruffle sandal
  9. bruno frisoni navy blue satin ribon peep-toe bootie
  10. bruno frisoni navy blue satin ribon sandal
  11. bruno frisoni purple ruffle sandal
  12. bruno frisoni navy blue satin ruffle sandal
  13. marc jacobs sandals with tassels
  14. marc jacobs purple sandals with fabric details

1 Leather Platform Sandals with Tassel Detail by Christian Louboutin

Price upon request, visit
Another winner from Christian Louboutin, this pair of leather platform sandals are perfect for those who are opting for a more conservative, yet still trendy look. You can still look sexy, though - just check out those sexy straps for your ankles!

2 Suede Platform Booties by John Galliano

Price upon request, visit
There's no doubt that these suede platform booties by **John Galliano **belong to this season's collection. The shoe boots, shooties, booties - no matter what you call them - are a growing trend this fall, and suede ones are no exception.

3 Suede Boots with Fringe and Stud Detail by Gucci

$1250.00, visit
You will definitely steal the show on any event that you will be gracing with these unique boots from Gucci. The fringe and stud detail should make you legs look like a mile-long - so wear them with short, flirty skirts or dresses - or your skinniest jeans!

4 Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Boots

$1575.00, visit
These Christian Louboutin boots are the epitome of this winter shoe fashion - the fringe, the covered platform, the 5 inch heel, the purple color - they have it all!

5 Jimmy Choo Bill Boots

$1995.00, visit
These Jimmy Choos are another example of perfect boots for this season! The beaded fringe sure ads some spice to these gorgeous suede.

6 Christian Louboutin Python Pump with Ruffle Detail

Price upon request, visit
This is yet another perfect shoe from Christian Louboutin - it's a perefect combination of exotic pythin skin, gorgeous ruffle detail, and a 5 inch heel! I think I am in love...

7 Prada Ruffle Back Pump

$650.00, visit
Prada came up with so many beautiful shoes with ruffle details this winter! But I picked just a couple to give you the idea...

8 Prada Ruffle Sandal

$730.00 visit
This black suede sandals is one of my favorites from this winter Prada collection - the ruffle definitely sets the mood!

9 Bruno Frisoni Navy Blue Satin Ribon Peep-Toe Bootie

Price upin request, visit
I am starting to love Bruno Frisoni even more! He is one of those rare designers whose whole collection is pretty much perfect! I keep going back to his website to check the gorgeous shoes almost every day!

10 Bruno Frisoni Navy Blue Satin Ribon Sandal

Price upon request, visit
Speaking of Bruno Frisoni perefect collection, this is yet another fantastic sandal with a ruffle detail! I absolutely adore the bow, don't you?

11 Bruno Frisoni Purple Ruffle Sandal

Price upon request, visit
This ruffle sandal is by far one of my favorites this winter! I put the same sandal in blue into 14 Most Stylish Cutout Shoes post, but this purple baby with ruffle detail is the one who stole my heart...

12 Bruno Frisoni Navy Blue Satin Ruffle Sandal

Price upon request, visit
Yet another great sandal by Bruno Frisoni. I absolutely adore the color and the buckle on this navy blue satin ribbon with ruffle detail. This shoe will definitely steal the show no matter what dress you put on!

13 Marc Jacobs Sandals with Tassels

Price upon request, visit
I know, I know, this is a Winter Shoe post, but I just could not leave aside this gorgeous sandal with tassels by Marc Jacobs. It's his new creation for Spring-Summer 09, but as you know, the sooner you get a shoe from the latest collection, the better! And those tassels are so darn cute, who would blame you for wearing them now?

14 Marc Jacobs Purple Sandals with Fabric Details

Price upon request, visit
This is another pair from Marc Jacobs' latest shoe collection, don't you just love the color and all those fringes, that come with the fabric? On my 10 point "cuteness" scale, these beauties scored 11!!! And on yours? :)

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