12 Coolest Uggs on Sale ...


12 Coolest Uggs on Sale ...
12 Coolest Uggs on Sale ...

It’s almost that time again! Ugg time, that is. That’s right the boots that many of us love to hate or hate to love are out again. We would like to show you some of the coolest ugg boots that are actually on sale. When you look at these, you will love to love them….

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Blue UGG Classic Tall

Blue UGG Classic Tall Price: $99.00 at uggs-outlets.com
For all of you girls out there that like the classic uggs, you will definitely like these. They are not only stylish, but they will be sure to keep your feet warm during those cold winter months. This sale is hard to turn down. Normally, they are listed at $160.00, but the link that I gave you above, you can find them on sale for $99.00…


UGG Women's Bailey Button Sand

UGG Women's Bailey Button Sand Price: $94.20 at uggs-outlets.com
What do you think about these uggs? I like the button that is on the side of them and the strap that hooks to it to keep them closed. These uggs definitely look like they would keep the feet warm. At the link I just gave you, you can get them at fifty three percent off! That is a little over half off. They are an unbeatable price for an unbeatable style…


UGG Classic Tall Sand

UGG Classic Tall Sand Price: $84.20 at uggs-outlets.com
These uggs come up a bit higher than the normal ones. They would look good with many outfits that you may have in your closet. If you are looking for a classic ugg, then these will be sure to fit in with your style.


Metallic Gold UGG Classic Tall

Metallic Gold UGG Classic Tall Price: $100.00 at uggs-outlets.com
These are not your average uggs. They have some extra style added to them. I am not a big fan of uggs, but I do like these. I like the folded cuff that is at the top of them when you fold them over. Yes, you can fold them down (like you do a sock) in order to reveal the inside of them.


Metallic Pewter UGG Classic

Metallic Pewter UGG Classic Price: $100.00 at uggs-outlets.com
These are a bit like the uggs that I have listed in number 7, except they are not brown. They are a pewter color. Again, when you fold these down, you will reveal the inside, which will add even more fashion to your style. These uggs are really hard to pass up and would go great with some skinny jeans.


UGG Classic Mini

UGG Classic Mini Price: $80.20 at uggs-outlets.com
Okay, I’m not a big fan of these, but my friend likes them. They look too bulky for me, but that is the deal with most uggs. They are great if you do not like those classic uggs that come up inches above your ankle. However, I like boots that come up above my ankles. What do you think about these?


UGG Classic Cardy

UGG Classic Cardy Price: $84.20 at uggs-outlets.com
I generally do not like the short uggs, but I could definitely see myself wearing these. I adore the cloth look that they sport. The three small black buttons on the side really do add to the overall look. I must say that these uggs are well worth the price that you will pay for them.


UGG Classic Short

UGG Classic Short Price: $200.00 at uggs-outlets.com
When you look at these uggs, what do you think of? Besides the color blue…When you wear these, you would definitely not wear red pants with them, because that would clash. I suggest you wearing dark blue, black or white pants with them. No other color will go too well with them. Overall, these are definitely some cute uggs and I must say, the discount that is available makes them hard to turn down…


UGG Classic Short Chestnut

UGG Classic Short Chestnut Price: $82.20 at uggs-outlets.com
These are your classic uggs that you see many women wearing around town. They are not only popular, but they are cute as well. They will also keep your feet warm, which is something that I really like about the uggs. I do not have a pair of these, but my friend does and she loves wearing them during the winter months…


UGG Classic Short

UGG Classic Short Price: $103.00 at uggs-outlets.com
These are the classic short uggs. I actually like the pink that they are available in. It will make you look girly, yet sporty and stylish at the same time. I like the way they look when they are folded down. The pink fluffy cuff definitely adds something to the style.


UGG Classic Cardy

UGG Classic Cardy Price: $160.00 at uggs-outlets.com
They say these are your classic uggs, but you do not see these in many places. I told you about a similar pair of uggs earlier in this post. The only difference is the fact that they are purple in color. Again, I like the three buttons that are on the side of them. If the buttons were not there, then I would not like them as much.


UGG Classic Tall Black

UGG Classic Tall Black Price: $84.20 uggsoutlets.com
What can we say about these uggs? They would go great with any color outfit simply because they were black. We all know that black goes great with any color, including pink. The tallness is definitely something that I aim for. I just do not like the short uggs that do not come up past the ankles. What do you think about these uggs?

Now that I have shown you twelve of the coolest uggs that are on sale, which one is your favorite? I think I like number 2 the most…

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The cardys can also be rolled up or down. However, they are not easy to walk in and do not repel water. I dont like UGGs rolled down though, seems like it would be wrinkled.

I don't like uggs....I can't believe their are still in trend this year too. I don't like that I have to put my jeans in them, and they really don't make me feel sexy :(

Surely not my style. But I totally fell in love with these uggs in Picture 6 - UGG Classic Cardy. They seem totally comfy for a day's work or shopping in a rather cold weather!

According to the UGG website, this is not an authorized retailer of UGG and chances are that these are counterfeit.

I like uggs too, :-)

I love uggs. but i hate the boots that have heels on them (from ugg) i have 2 pairs of the classic short, ones that zip up on the side and tall chocolate snake skin ones. :)))

They look very comfy...but too flat for me.

UGGGGGGGGGG-LY lol im so lame hahaha but seriously... i dont see how people get down with those : /

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