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Top 12 Designer Flats ...

By Fawn

There comes a day in every woman’s life when she asks herself “Why on Earth am I cramming my feet into these uncomfortable stilettos?” That day came early for me and I was quickly converted to the girl that is ALWAYS in flats. The following are the top 12 designer flats that I have either eyed or purchased since that day when flats became a constant in my life...

1 Steve Madden Binngo

Steve Madden BinngoPrice: $59.95 at
Steve Madden constantly wows me and when I saw these flats, I had to have them. The Gold and Multi color are my favorite. My favorite feature, the stitching on the side that makes the back rouche in. It makes the flats tighter without making them uncomfortable and they are SO soft. I think that these flats are a must have.

2 DKNY Sofia Ballerina with Bow

DKNY Sofia Ballerina with BowPrice: $69.99 at
I bought these flats in because really, who doesn’t want to have shoes that make them look like a princess? They’re pretty comfortable but after a while they start to rub up against and irritate the skin on the back of your heel. But, they are very cute for short wear when you aren’t walking a whole lot!

3 Nine West Adalie

Nine West AdaliePrice: $110 at
These Nine West shoes are the perfect finishing touch to a boho outfit. That’s what I bought them for and that’s what I keep them around for. Pair them with dark wash skinny jeans and a ruffled boho top and you have an amazing designer inspired outfit!

4 Nine West Emmelyn

Nine West EmmelynPrice: $69 at
These are more shoes for a more boho look but they can also be used to dress up a really simple outfit. Basically, all flats look adorable with skinny jeans but these ones really wow me. Once again, watch out for the irritation on the back of your heel! And remember, metallics are hot the Spring, so these would be a great update to your wardrobe!

5 Guess Equate

Guess EquatePrice: $79 at
Metallics and Safari prints are very in this Spring so these flats are perfect! Theres a ring of rhinestones right around the edge and they are GORGEOUS! I’ve been eyeing them since I spotted them online and let me tell you after recommending them to you readers, I think I might just finally buy the darn things!

6 Guess Earnest

Guess EarnestPrice: $69 at
These don’t look like what you would call a sexy shoe but let me tell you they are. The peek-a-boo cut outs give a little glimpse of foot and they have just the right amount of what I like to call toe cleavage. These flats are proof that you don’t need heels and peep toe sling backs to have a sexy show on your foot.

7 Jimmy Choo Western

Jimmy Choo WesternPrice: $495
These are worth the splurge ladies let me tell you. I had someone to buy these for me and they are the softest shoes I have ever owned. The star detail makes the shoes look really cute but really, the splurge is for the softness and comfort. The name behind the shoe doesn’t hurt either.

8 Michael Kors Pointed Toe Ballerina Flat

Michael Kors Pointed Toe Ballerina FlatPrice: $395 at
As I said before, metallics are very in this Spring and these flats have just the right amount of point to make your feet look cute and not like the Wicked Witch of the West’s. They are incredibly soft and the sole won’t wear away very quickly. These shoes are built for style and built to last!

9 Fendi Graffiti Zucca Ballerina

Fendi Graffiti Zucca BallerinaPrice: $395 at
These flats really grew on me. Generally the pattern and contrast in the colors would have turned me off. But now, every time I see them I can’t help but salivate a little. It may just be that the shoes are plastered with the first letter of my first name but I really love them and soon, my addiction will be fed!

10 Salvatore Ferragamo Glenda Perforatted Ballerina Flat

Salvatore Ferragamo Glenda Perforatted Ballerina FlatPrice: $460 at
As you ladies can tell, I seem to have embraced the peek-a-boo trend a lot this spring. These shoes are the epitome of adorable. They remind me of an updated cuter version of something that our parents would have forced our feet into when we were children!

11 Burberry Ruched Check Ballet Flat

Burberry Ruched Check Ballet FlatPrice: $275 at
I am a fiend for Burberry and these pink flats do nothing to help that fiending go away. They actually make me crave it more. They are truly adorable. The have the signature Burberry checkering but it’s more subtle than usual. Plus, they’re pink, so how could we not love them?

12 Burberry Heart Check Ballet Slipper

Burberry Heart Check Ballet SlipperPrice: $195 at
These are probably the most casual flats that I have on this list but they’re just too cute to pass up. I really love the ropey look on the bottom and the contrast between the black and white checkering on the toe and the red heart design on the heel. These are definitely a favorite in my closet!

Well ladies, hopefully this list gave you the tools you needed to ditch those pointy heels and relax into your comfortable side. Do you have any cute flats that didn’t make the list? Want to try to convert me back to my old heelaholic state? Let me know down below!

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