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8 Coolest Designer Pumps ...

By Fawn

As women we have this crazy need to shove our poor little feet into some pretty scary devices that I'm pretty sure were used to torture men in the early 1800's. It's become a ridiculous obsession, and although I'm all for the liberation of women's feet across the globe, these designer pumps are absolutely to die for, pain or not.

1 Lanvin Chain Detail Suede Pumps

Lanvin Chain Detail Suede PumpsPrice: $1,245 at
These shoes are too rocker chic to pass up. Picture them paired with a hot little mini dress so you can actually see the chain detail, beautiful. Wear carefully though, that chain detail that we all know and love can get a little wearing on the ankles!

2 Christian Louboutin Lady Claude 120 Pumps

Christian Louboutin Lady Claude 120 PumpsPrice: $3,175 at
So when looking at these beautiful pumps from afar, they look like they're a snakeskin metallic pump. Nothing too special. But wait, take a closer look. It's not metallic snakeskin, it's a million tiny crystals. Gorgeous!

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3 Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pumps

Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe PumpsPrice: $695 at
I absolutely adore the shape of the peep in this peep toe. Alexander McQueen has stunned me with such a small and playful spin on an old classic. I feel as though the very base of the toe may irritate your toes after a long period of time, but the shoe is still absolutely amazing.

4 Camilla Skovgaard Saw Plateau Leather Pumps

Camilla Skovgaard Saw Plateau Leather PumpsPrice: $500 at
This shoe just has a very unique look and feel. Everything from the hot pink leather to the traction like strip on the base of the shoe. Not really something that you would want to go running in. But the Manhattan styling mommy could definitely find a place for these in her closet and busy life!

5 Tabitha Simmons Bunty Suede Wedge Pumps

Tabitha Simmons Bunty Suede Wedge PumpsPrice: $1,210 at
This pump is basically a fashionable new throw back to the saddle shoes our mothers forced onto our feet as children. Except now, we WANT to wear them. They're playful but could be paired with a more serious outfit. Either way, I love the look from the wedge heel to the front design.

6 Maison Martin Margiela Overlap Leather Pumps

Maison Martin Margiela Overlap Leather PumpsPrice: $650
This is not something you see very often, a very polished looking shoe with a stylish overlapping of leather by the heel. From the side it looks like a rouched design but when you look straight from the back you see what makes this shoe unique. The leather from the shoe hasn't been cut and tucked away, it overlaps near the heel!

7 Charlotte Olympia Margo Python Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Margo Python PumpsPrice: $1,170 at
These shoes are definitely the most fun pair on the list! They're bright color and cool edges on the top make this shoe a must have. Charlotte Olympia really knows what to put in front of us in the summer time!

8 Jimmy Choo Nicci Suede and Leather Pumps

Jimmy Choo Nicci Suede and Leather PumpsPrice: $895 at
Anyone that knows designer shoes knows Choo, and the brand never fails to deliver. Once again we've been given a very hip shoe that combines a lot of great elements to make the shoe catch your eye, even if they're just paired with some skinny jeans!

Well ladies, I've given you my list of preferred feet killing mechanisms, what do you think? Do any of you share my views on what you're willing to go through? Should I add another pair to my list of doom? Let me know down below!

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