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Founded in 2005, Allwomenstalk is a new generation digital magazine that brings information and entertainment to millions of women around the globe. Our mission is to provide daily advice, guidance, and entertainment in a compelling and easy-to-read format to women of all ages. What sets us apart is our commitment to personalization. We understand that every woman is unique, with her own interests and preferences, and that's why we tailor our content to each reader's individual tastes. Whether you're interested in fashion, beauty, health, relationships, or anything in between, Allwomenstalk has something for you.


Our readers are women, 60% of our audience are 25-35. 60% of our readers are from the US, 10% - from Canada, 10% - from the UK and 20% represent our global community. Allwomenstalk has Domain Authority of 71.



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The rates we offer through direct sales are the lowest rates on the market for high quality audience.
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Working with us directly, you reduce your costs by cutting out the middleman and by keeping those extra resources for your business. 
Long Term Benefits
Our digital magazine was founded in 2005, all our paid placements are permanent.  Which means, you are investing in a long term marketing strategy, which will work to promote your business for years to come. 
24 Hour Customer Support
At Allwomenstalk, the client is king. Our main goal is to provide outstanding customer service to our clients 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  All orders are fulfilled within 24 hrs after the order is placed. Our customer service team always goes above and beyond to ensure that the client gets the best results.

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Advertorial Feature


  • ✼ 2000+ Word Article
  • ✼ Signature List Format
  • ✼ Search Engine Optimized
  • ✼ 24-Hour Delivery
  • ✼ Main Domain URL
  • ✼ Permanent Publication
  • ✼ Free Photo Editing
  • ✼ Free Unlimited Revisions
  • ✼ Lifelong Support
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Article Placement


  • ✼ Permanent Placements
  • ✼ 24-Hour Delivery
  • ✼ Free Proofreading
  • ✼ Free Illustrations
  • ✼ SEO Optimization
  • ✼ Targeted Audience
  • ✼ Detailed Analytics
  • ✼ Unlimited Editing
  • ✼ Lifelong Tech Support
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  • ✼ Permanent Link Insertions
  • ✼ Existing Article
  • ✼ Added Within 24 Hours
  • ✼ Mention in a Popular Article
  • ✼ Exposure to Real Audience
  • ✼ Boost of Traffic
  • ✼ Brand Recognition
  • ✼ Unlimited Revisions
  • ✼ Lifelong Tech Support
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Pinterest Campaign


  • ✼ 10 Pins Campaign
  • ✼ Custom Pin Design
  • ✼ Repins
  • ✼ Detailed Reports
  • ✼ Boosted Visibility
  • ✼ Ongoing Brand Exposure
  • ✼ Lifelong Tech Support
  • ✼ 5-10 days Roll out
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Display Ads


  • ✼ 100k Impressions
  • ✼ Custom Design
  • ✼ Precise Geo Targeting
  • ✼ High Impact
  • ✼ ATF Placement
  • ✼ Broad Audience Reach
  • ✼ High Visibility
  • ✼ Simple Pricing
  • ✼ Detailed Reports
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