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15 Most Beautiful Classic Designer Shoes ...

By Kati

While I’m not as much of a shoe addict as some people I know, I do love finding gorgeous pairs to show off and there’s nothing that makes you feel sexier than a pair of high heels! I’ve been looking to top up my collection recently, and found lots of classically influenced shoes, which are divine! Here are my top fifteen pairs...

1 Christian Louboutin Decollete 100 Jazz Pumps

Christian Louboutin Decollete 100 Jazz PumpsPrice: $595 at
These are a comfortable, high shine version of a very classic look! Whether you are wearing jeans or a minidress, these are sure to dress up your outfit and make you feel chic. The heels are 4 inches, and updated with a touch of red for a very sexy, glamorous look. If these Christian Louboutains aren’t already in your wardrobe, buy them now!

2 Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Leather Print Wedges

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Leather Print WedgesPrice: $595 at
A very different take on classic, these wedges mix traditional with sexy with explosive results! They are amazingly comfortable, perfect for days when your feet hurt, and the tame black suede means they look great with most things. The oomph comes from the gorgeous leopard print, though, and I love it! Team with a little black, or red, dress for maximum impact.

3 DKNY Tina Leather Bow Pumps

DKNY Tina Leather Bow PumpsPrice: $260 at
DKNY have perfectly captured classic, and given it a dramatic twist! The black keeps them looking smart and tailored, while the gold adds a splash of glamour and allure. The bows add a mix of girly chic, and mixed together it makes my favorite pumps ever! Team with a pencil skirt for work, or a little black dress for play.

4 DKNY Matilda Two-tone Leather Pumps

DKNY Matilda Two-tone Leather PumpsPrice: $275 at
Another pair of pumps updated with a splash of red, DKNY’s version is much braver! From behind, they look just like classic glamour, but from the front the bright red toe is clearly visible and gives the shoes a very modern, bold statement. Let your shoes do the talking by teaming with a fitted suit dress, or dress it up in a red dress and black tights.

5 Miu Miu Ankle Strap Pumps

Miu Miu Ankle Strap PumpsPrice: $570 at
I’ve always wanted a pair of these, but have never quite been able to make the look work. Miu Miu have made the perfect combination of classic and cute, though, and I’ll be at the front of the line for these! From the classic shape to the subdued colour, they have all the elements of traditional pumps, combined with the comfort and style us modern women need. Divine!

6 Lanvin Bow Front Pumps

Lanvin Bow Front PumpsPrice: $1,040 at
For ladylike luxury combined with sky high heels, these Lanvin pumps are perfect. The pumps themselves are very girly chic, featuring a cute bow and a soft blush colour, but its the heels that separate them from the competition. Geometrically shaped and 4.5 inches, they feature a mirror and are the sexiest heels!

7 Camilla Skovgaard Satin Chain Embellished Sandals

Camilla Skovgaard Satin Chain Embellished SandalsPrice: $440 at
A more extreme take on classic, they feature a traditional sandal style that’s layered with thick silver chains for a rock chick meets femme fatale look. Wear with a simple black suit or mini dress, and let your shoes make their statement!

8 Christian Louboutin Straratata 140 Suede Sandals

Christian Louboutin Straratata 140 Suede SandalsPrice: $995 at
Have you ever looked for sandals but been fed up of the boring black? Christian Louboutin heard your prayers, and has restyled a classic pair of sandals with bright pastels, for a very colourful pair of shoes. For maximum impact, team with a pastel coloured bandage dress or stick to simple black if you’re feeling shy!

9 Jerome C Rousseau Aizza Patent Leather Pumps

Jerome C Rousseau Aizza Patent Leather PumpsPrice: $550 at
My mum had a pair of patent leather pumps that I loved as a child, and was always hobbling around in. I’ve never found a pair I loved as much as those, but these certainly come close! The styling is very classic, but the bright red leopard skin pattern gives them a very modern, very sexy update. These are gorgeous!

10 Lanvin Satin Rosette Pumps

Lanvin Satin Rosette PumpsPrice: $1,065 at
Fed up of safe black pumps? These are perfect for you, with the deep satin red instantly updating any outfit! It’s the heels that I love most, though. Five inches tall and very square, they are bang on trend and a real talking point! Geometric heels are going to be huge for months, so grab these now!

11 Jimmy Choo Hamlet Suede Pumps

Jimmy Choo Hamlet Suede PumpsPrice: $780 at
A twist on classic peep toe pumps, these add glamour and style to the look with the tie up laces and corset effect. The shoe itself is very comfortable, too! Dress them up with an ultra mini, a fitted blazer and big bows!

12 Marni Two-tone Leather Sandals

Marni Two-tone Leather SandalsPrice: $865 at
A classic sandal, updated with geometric cut outs and a monochrome theme...I’m in love! These shoes are divine, and will make you look chic and sexy whatever you are wearing. Whether you team with tights or bare foot, make sure you show off your shoes!

13 Charlotte Olympia Dolly Leather Platform Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Dolly Leather Platform PumpsPrice: $795 at
Charlotte Olympia shoes are so comfortable, and this pair has to be my favourite. A unique take on animal print, the large, slightly glittery print is in neutral colours, and looks chic and sophisticated teamed with the black heel. You’ve got no chance of getting animal print wrong with these, so invest in these and glam up your wardrobe!

14 Jil Sander Suede Platform Pumps

Jil Sander Suede Platform PumpsPrice: $945 at
Want to update your look but can’t risk bright colours? These shoes are perfect for you. In sexy black, they’ll go well with suits and jeans, and look very professional. That doesn’t mean they are boring, though! The pointy stylings hint towards the geometric trend, and the ‘slouch’ look front is very modern. These are divine!

15 Pedro Garcia Paola Slingback Pumps

Pedro Garcia Paola Slingback PumpsPrice: $395 at
Looking for a more modern slingback? Pedro has got his latest range spot on, including these gorgeous natural-themed peep toes are a wardrobe essential. The cork sole, suede and peep toe are glammed up by the hint of gold inside, and they are incredibly comfy, too. Perfect!

So now you’ve seen the latest takes on classic styling, it’s time to update your shoe closet! Just make sure to invest in invisible gel foot cushions, to avoid foot pain, and practise walking with flair. Have you found a gorgeous pair of updated classic shoes? Please share them with me!

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