10 Trendiest Marc Jacobs Shoes ...

There is never any inspiration too odd or literal to appear on a Marc Jacobs shoe, and next season’s collection is no exception. I doubt any other designer could pull off some of these design cues, but somehow they all look interesting, fun, whimsical, and completely wearable. Here’s my list of the ten trendiest, inarguably coolest Marc Jacobs shoes. And please note that this collection is so new prices haven’t been listed yet — or even named! —so if you’re pining for a pair of these shoes, phone or visit a Marc Jacobs store to secure a pair.

1. Marc Jacobs #MJ14318 – Silver Talaria Thong Sandal

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Greek mythology tell us that Hermes, messenger to the gods, wore winged sandals, or talaria. Those winged sandals must have inspired these, made of silver, with a wedge heel and stark, abstract wings. Wear them on your fleet-footed city travels, or on a sandy beach or cruise ship.

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