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5 Types of Boots for 5 Outfit Inspirations...

By Meream

1 Go Motorcycle Vintage

I am a HUGE fan of Alix. Not only are her outfit ideas effortlessly cool, her photos are magical as well. I have to admit that I love these vintage boots, too.

2 Doc Martens: Yay or Nay ?

I say a big YAY. Unfortunately, I can't find a pair in my city. Can't even find a pair that will fit me on eBay!

3 Wedge It

Karen has an enviable shoe collection. Here she is rocking wedge boots with that popular Christopher Kane shirt.

4 Suede Beautiful Booties

Ready for spring? If you're still drowning in snow, take cues from Sal on how to add color to your current wardrobe. Plus booties, of course, for a less winter-y vibe.

5 High and Warm

Well if you just can't escape the snow, look cute while walking around in your boots. A pointy tip will always work.
Top Image by: Cherry Blossom Girl

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