5 Ways to Look Beautiful in Boots...


5 Ways to Look Beautiful in Boots...
5 Ways to Look Beautiful in Boots...

How gorgeous does Sal look here? With knee-high boots and colored tights, you can still rock pretty dresses even in this cold weather.

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with Leather

If you want to rock out your lace-up booties, get styling ideas from the beautiful Olivia Palermo. I love the way her girly bag contrasts her leather clothes beautifully.


Some of you may think that it's hard to dress up for freezing weather but there is a way to stay chic and warm at the same time. Take a look at the first look featured here. I love that cardigan!


Socks and sandals are no longer the IN thing seeing that it's gotten cold. We now move to boots and socks! We have pretty Alix to show us how it's done.


Karen shows us a great way to combine masculine boots with girly hosiery. I am in love with her Topshop heart tights. Very cute!

There are many more fun ways to look chic in boots and we bet you have you amazing ideas. We'd love to hear about them so sound off in the comments section!

Top Photo Credit: Alix

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