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I’m not a big fan of wearing tennis shoes. I love my flip-flops! But when I do have to wear tennis shoes, I want a cute stylish pair. And since I workout at least once a week, I need a pair with plenty of arch support. Here are 7 great pairs of tennis shoes I found for any occasion you might need!

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Puma Voltaic 2 WN’S

Puma Voltaic 2 WN’S Price: $80.00 at zappos.com
Be seen during the day or night with these high-voltage runners! Reflective 3M material makes sure that you will be noticed whether it’s dark or light outside. Great for jogging or walking or working out at the gym. Embedded tongue makes it super easy to slide the shoes of and on!


Converse Star Player EV OX

Converse Star Player EV OX Price: $45.00 at zappos.com
Converse sneakers seem to never go out of style! Whether you’re on a first date, an after-school function or a hanging out at the mall, these shoes will keep you in style. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your taste! Lightly padded footbed for your added comfort.


Chaco Pedshed

Chaco Pedshed Price: $124.00 at zappos.com
Hate the look of the regular tennis shoe but like the support and warmth they give you? Well here’s the answer to your dilemma! This shoe will warm your foot up without the constraint of a shoe. Waterproof leather is great for rainy days and the adjustable strap is perfect for a custom fit!


Nike Shox Qualify+

Nike Shox Qualify+ Price: $100.00 at zappos.com
Run with comfort and style in these shoes from Nike! Features a super-lightweight running shoe with maximum cushioning to tame any surface. You will be pleased with the durability and quality of these shoes! Guaranteed!


Asics Gel-1160

Asics Gel-1160 Price: $85.00 at zappos.com
Need some motivation to get out of the house and to the gym? Shoes like these couldn’t stay in the box in the closet! You definitely need to flash them somewhere! Hit the gym up first then keep right on burning calories while you run your errands. These shoes can go anywhere!


New Balance Classics W801 Komen

New Balance Classics W801 Komen Price: $59.95 at zappos.com
Pamper your feet after a grueling workout with these Komen recovery shoes from New Balance. You won’t regret buying these shoes; the durability on them is fantastic! You can wear them with or without socks and they are great for traveling. You can take them off and on quickly at security checkpoints in airports and they pack well in a suitcase.


Skechers Bikers-Verified

Skechers Bikers-Verified Price: $55.95 at zappos.com
Take your place at the top of the sports fashion ladder in these awesome sneaks from Skechers! One of my top fave brands of shoes, Skechers will not wear and tear as quickly as many other brands do. This particular pair has a lightly cushioned fabric footbed and a flexible rubber sole for maximum comfort levels! And you can’t deny the tan and pink design is super cute!

So whether you need a pair of shoes to workout in, run around town in, or kick back for a relaxing weekend, you can see that it’s all here! I hope you’ve found a pair of shoes that work for your needs from my list today! Which pair was your favorite? What would you wear them with?

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