5 Posts to Put You in Shoe Heaven ....


5 Posts to Put You in Shoe Heaven ....
5 Posts to Put You in Shoe Heaven ....

Give your steps that added reptilian touch with these python heels. Take note, the prices of these pairs might make your savings account hiss.

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We follow that link to expensive designer heels with spring flats for the low of budget. These scream stylish, fun, and everyday shoes!


This pair is pretty affordable at less than $45. The best part is that they will remain trendy for years and years.


Look at the shoes Jane curated after the link. Are they out there or are they out there? Can you imagine yourself wearing some of those shoes?


Platform Pumps

Take a look at this list of gorgeous platform pumps. I am torn between the shiny gold pair or the one with the bow ankle wrap.

We love shoes here, yes we do. If you have links to other shoe-tastic posts, let us know!

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you should include red pumps!

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