7 Amazing Boots for Fall ...

As summer ebbs and temperatures drop, designers will begin to unveil their visions for fall and winter footwear, which will include some amazing boots for fall. As a born-and-raised northeasterner, I am no stranger to the frigid temperatures and endless blizzards that have become a hallmark of New England winters. Thankfully, over two decades of wading through snowdrifts and battling subzero conditions have taught me a thing or two about winter apparel. Among the most revered and coveted fall/winter items is of course the leather boot. Durable, versatile, and flattering, this popular booty works overtime, giving you a sophisticated flair while also keeping your feet warm and dry. Sure, the dead of winter is still months away, but fall is fast approaching and with it, fall stock. Avoid having to wade through the post-fall wasteland of unwanted boots by keeping your eye on these 7 amazing boots for fall.

1. UGG Australia "Channing" Boot

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Price: $294.95 at shop.nordstrom.com
UGG may be best known for its collection of exceptionally comfortable suede booties, but the Australian company has truly earned its stripes with its line of leather footwear. Feast your eyes on this delicious, caramel-colored, truly amazing boot for fall that features pebbled leather and a sherling lining for guaranteed warmth. Go for a casual look with your favorite jeans and an oversized cardigan or pair it with tights, a suede skirt, and striped button down for a more preppy vibe.

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