7 Amazing Boots for Fall ...


7 Amazing Boots for Fall ...
7 Amazing Boots for Fall ...

As summer ebbs and temperatures drop, designers will begin to unveil their visions for fall and winter footwear, which will include some amazing boots for fall. As a born-and-raised northeasterner, I am no stranger to the frigid temperatures and endless blizzards that have become a hallmark of New England winters. Thankfully, over two decades of wading through snowdrifts and battling subzero conditions have taught me a thing or two about winter apparel. Among the most revered and coveted fall/winter items is of course the leather boot. Durable, versatile, and flattering, this popular booty works overtime, giving you a sophisticated flair while also keeping your feet warm and dry. Sure, the dead of winter is still months away, but fall is fast approaching and with it, fall stock. Avoid having to wade through the post-fall wasteland of unwanted boots by keeping your eye on these 7 amazing boots for fall.

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UGG Australia "Channing" Boot

UGG Australia "Channing" Boot Price: $294.95 at shop.nordstrom.com
UGG may be best known for its collection of exceptionally comfortable suede booties, but the Australian company has truly earned its stripes with its line of leather footwear. Feast your eyes on this delicious, caramel-colored, truly amazing boot for fall that features pebbled leather and a sherling lining for guaranteed warmth. Go for a casual look with your favorite jeans and an oversized cardigan or pair it with tights, a suede skirt, and striped button down for a more preppy vibe.


Hunter Wellington Boots

Hunter Wellington Boots Price: $145.00 at net-a-porter.com
In most climates, fall bleeds gradually into winter, which typically means a significant amount of rain and general dampness before the temperature plummets enough to produce the crystalline flakes known as snow. Hunter’s line of Wellington boots, made from gold rubber, provides optimal protection from fall and winter wetness, whether it be in the form of freak downpours or bilious slush. Not only that, but these Wellies can also be purchased with a removable lining that renders each pair winter-ready. Wear these superlative rain boots with a tailored trench and wool frock for an updated 1950s classiness.


Ariat "Billie" Boot

Ariat "Billie" Boot Price: $129.35 at shop.nordstrom.com
Recognizing that not everyone is forced to endure heinously cold winters, here’s a shout out to all those west coasters who can pull off less-than-insulated boots all year round. The Wild West has crept into modern fashion with the revival of the classic cowboy boot, and while the look isn’t right for everyone, plenty of girls pull it off with considerable aplomb. Wear with jet-black leggings, a sheer tunic, and jean jacket to achieve the effortless trendiness that often accompanies the cowboy boot. Just because it's an amazing boot for fall doesn't mean you have to be chilly to rock the style.


Dolcetta by Dolce Vita Harness Heel Boots

Dolcetta by Dolce Vita Harness Heel Boots Price: $98.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Generally speaking, icy conditions and high heels do not result in a very harmonious marriage, but every so often a well-constructed heel can mitigate the danger of trudging through wintry wonderlands. Behold the Vita Harness heel, which combines a treaded rubber sole with a comfortingly thick heel to create a winter-ready boot that packs a sassy punch. Slip these badass kicks on over a pair of black jeans and layer on a striped sweater and beret à la français.


Billie Suede Ankle Boots

Billie Suede Ankle Boots Price: $63.00 at shopruche.com
Yes it’s true that suede and water are not exactly friends, but this adorable ankle boot is worth springing for even if you must retire them come the season’s first snowfall. Ideal for the cooler days of fall, these sherling lined, lightly distressed shoes hint at a playful androgyny perfect for fashionistas who love to mix masculine and feminine flavors in their outfits. Try with skinny jeans and a printed tee or a frilly lace dress with sheer, cream tights.


Type Z Chelsea Boots

Type Z Chelsea Boots Price: $111.30 at zappos.com
Rugged, distressed, and effortlessly trendy, this amazing boot for fall has an alternative edge that distinguishes it from your average bourgeois riding boot or leather knee-high. These smoldering kicks make use of silver buckles, straps, and treated leather for a hip, casual look. A zipper closure flanked by visible stitching completes the look and boost the uniqueness of this fine specimen. Soften the boots’ hardcore funkiness with dark denim, a floral top, and neutral cardigan.


Rock This Way Boots

Rock This Way Boots Price: $99.99 at modcloth.com
Though not well insulated, this studded boot could find its way into your winter wardrobe when worn over a pair of thick socks or thermals. Fashioned from faux leather, the wear and tear of the winter months will only add character to this rock star boot easily adapted for spring and summer usage. Wear with leather accents or large chains and a flattering V-neck or tee.

Though this post focuses on more winter-friendly footwear, but there are plenty of ways to shod your feet once the temperature dips. In addition to amazing boots for fall, there are plenty of other choices. What tips or tricks do you use to keep your wardrobe fresh and your feet warm?

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The "Channing" Boots are gorgeous....they almost make me want autumn to come earlier

Oh my word - seriously? Wishing away summer when it's only just started. Why would I want to read about Fall boots in July? I'll have forgotten all about this by the time it comes round to buying my boots.

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