5 Awesome Black Inspired Outfit Ideas...


5 Awesome Black Inspired Outfit Ideas...
5 Awesome Black Inspired Outfit Ideas...

What could possibly go wrong, right? Here is Reese looking oh-so-perfect in her casual day out.

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Black Beauties for under $100

If you want more dark-colored items in your closet, this post is for you. I am crushing on the side tie jacket.


Wow, who would have thought that they'd look classy, right? The hair could do a bit of work but I love the dresses in black and gray.


This girl is so incredibly gorgeous. If you want to copy her classy black dress + beige shoes look, check out this post.


Oh dear, how do you walk wearing these? If you can, I admire you. I, on the other hand, will have to be contented with just admiring them from afar.

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I love Camilla Belle look, so simple and chic! re:Yes, I'm feeling much better, thank u for asking:)

Yes for Camilla Belle! I will forever love her style; and nude shoes are always a must!! :)

I quite like Camilla Belle's, pretty and stylish. Lovely list, thanks for sharing. :)

I could try walking with the Gianmarco lorenzi stilletos but I have a feeling I'm gonna fall flat on my bum. :D

Somehow the Jersey girl's one still crackss me up! Maybe it IS the hair!

Honestly? I`d change her handbag!

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