5 Inspiring Outfits to Bring out the Flower Child in You ...


5 Inspiring Outfits to Bring out the Flower Child in You ...
5 Inspiring Outfits to Bring out the Flower Child in You ...

Even though I was born in the 80's, the early 70's remain an inspiration for me, fashion-wise. I love the floral dresses and blouses, chunky accessories, and the easy manner with which they are worn. The latter seems to show indifference and, at the same time, a giddy anticipation of something uncertain but life-changing to happen. Here are five blogs with outfits that will inspire you to bring out the flower child in you.

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Bohemian Rocker Chic

Kate Moss in an off-shoulder floral print tunic, knee-high boots, and wayfarers. Could anything be more bohemian rocker chic than this look? Kate Moss is always a great fashion inspiration but not all of us can afford every piece of clothing she puts on her back. Thankfully, we have Fashion Under 100. This particular bohemian chic and rocker chick look costs only $99.09. I am sure you can get this look for a lot less but this particular post is a place to start.


70's Whimsy

70's Whimsy What do you get when you combine 70's fashion, a vintage record player, and great photography? A hippie twist of Alice in Wonderland. Alix is the Cherry Blossom Girl. She is a young fashion designer. Her style is incredible and her photography is absolutely awe-inspiring. This particular post is amazing because her props add to the 70's flavor. I love the record player and the mini volkswagen van.


Flower Power Gang

This creative fashion blog is in German but the photos are enough to inspire you. This particular post onhippie and flower power fashion is brimming with amazing photos. I love the embroidered blue dress, light blue boots, and brown, huge sunglasses.I can just imagine wearing that outfit myself.


Sunny Park Girls

Sunny Park Girls Two fashionable girls and a bit of sunshine will result to a delightful photo shoot with results that leave you feeling warm and thankful for girl friends. You might have to scroll further down the post to see the fashion goodness but it will be worth it. The blue dress and the black stockings are absolutely adorable. Now that the sun is out, you might want to let these girls inspire you and do your own fashionable shoot in the park.


Floral Folklore

This post can be found in the vintage fashion blog, Violet Folklore. This particular post is a about a shoot they did to show the latest vintage goodness that are now available in their shop. Embroidered floral dresses and blouses always say hippie. If you want to dress up in hippie chic, this post is a great source of inspiration.

Photo by: Vincent Boiteau

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I love the easy beautiful trands. DORA365

I love 70s style clothes! I think I may have been born in the wrong decade, but the best way to find flower child inspired outfits is mixing vintage with new pieces. A lot of stuff that's popular right now would definitely fall under this category.

Hi kudzanai, If the stores near you have no great designs, you can always try custom made. If you ask around, I bet there are cheap tailors/dressmakers. You can research for designs you like online and then ask if somebody can make them for you.

Definitely, sweetfuzz. I am so so happy that vintage fashion is back. :D

Great post, Meream! I am dually inspired. I need more floppy hats! Diana scored some platforms just like the ones pictured in Arkansas. I felt SO SCOOPED!

these are very charming and besutiful assessories

Love that decade too! Very comfortable and stylish. Just as it was meant to be...free and easy. Thanks for the post!

I also love the floral dresses and blouses, chunky accessories. Dora365

Great share. If possible, make the picture, the second, less obstructive :)

hie im 5.0in hieght i would like tips on how to wear formal church going dresses , suits, and trousers. im a size 12 uk on the bottom , and a size 8-10 uk as well .

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