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5 Leggings Love to Lust after ...

By Meream

1 Dark, Lacy, and under $50

I have been looking for ages for leggings much like the lacy pair here. So far, my search is one big fat FAIL.

2 Sequined

I'm not so sure if sequined leggings are itchy or not. Are they? Anyway, Karen rocks them here with her over-sized shirt and super-sexy booties.

3 Zipped

I have a pair of zipper leggings and they are LOVE. How I wish I can find myself a pair of lace-up boots so that I can wear them like Jessica Alba here.

4 Denim Leggings

Another style that is very hard to find in my city. Right now, I'm stuck to dreaming about how comfy they must be.

5 All Styles and under $20

I reckon I will not look decent wearing the cropped pairs (because I'm short). The animal printed ones look tacky, too. However, the other pairs look cute.
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