5 Leggings Love to Lust after ...

1. Dark, Lacy, and under $50

I have been looking for ages for leggings much like the lacy pair here. So far, my search is one big fat FAIL.

2. Sequined

I'm not so sure if sequined leggings are itchy or not. Are they? Anyway, Karen rocks them here with her over-sized shirt and super-sexy booties.

3. Zipped

I have a pair of zipper leggings and they are LOVE. How I wish I can find myself a pair of lace-up boots so that I can wear them like Jessica Alba here.

4. Denim Leggings

Another style that is very hard to find in my city. Right now, I'm stuck to dreaming about how comfy they must be.

5. All Styles and under $20

I reckon I will not look decent wearing the cropped pairs (because I'm short). The animal printed ones look tacky, too. However, the other pairs look cute.
Top Image by: by **DaveAustria.com**