5 Strange Things That You Can Buy and Wear...


5 Strange Things That You Can Buy and Wear...
5 Strange Things That You Can Buy and Wear...

Maggot Charms

That's right, maggot charms. I know some girls will find this quirky but I will never be brave enough to wear a bracelet with maggot charms. Even if a part of me finds them cool.

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Alaia Shoes

Look at Karla rocking them shoes. I'd probably trip and injure myself if I attempt to walk in those.


If they look like what the Project Runway contestants ended up sewing, I will not mind wearing potato sack dresses.


Sky High Shoulder Pads

It's predicted that shoulder pads will go even higher (thicker?) this year. I am not down with this.


Sure, they're eco-friendly but I think I will end up gnawing them to bits. Kinda cool, though.

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I would so definitely wear those maggot charms! I love how they're hand crafted and thus, unique like snowflakes. I'm weird like that. They are awesome!

Thanks for linking me, Meream! Lots of love xx

Maggot charms, no way!!! hehehe

Aww, the straw rings are actually really cute :)

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