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5 Strange Things That You Can Buy and Wear...

By Meream

1 Maggot Charms

That's right, maggot charms. I know some girls will find this quirky but I will never be brave enough to wear a bracelet with maggot charms. Even if a part of me finds them cool.

2 Alaia Shoes

Look at Karla rocking them shoes. I'd probably trip and injure myself if I attempt to walk in those.

3 Potato Sack Dress

If they look like what the Project Runway contestants ended up sewing, I will not mind wearing potato sack dresses.

4 Sky High Shoulder Pads

It's predicted that shoulder pads will go even higher (thicker?) this year. I am not down with this.

5 Straw Rings

Sure, they're eco-friendly but I think I will end up gnawing them to bits. Kinda cool, though.

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