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My very favorite clothing style is vintage romantic… I love the floaty skirts and flattering tops and gorgeous jewelry! But it can be difficult to find vintage-inspired clothes, unless you know just where to look! If you love vintage-look clothes as much as I do, check out these 7 great stores for vintage-inspired clothes…

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Ruche at Shopruche.com

Ruche at Shopruche.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

Ruche is my new favorite online store for vintage-inspired clothes. I love their blogs and look-books, and of course, their clothes and accessories! My favorites right now are their dresses and rompers, but I love their tops and shoes, too!


ModCloth at Modcloth.com

ModCloth at Modcloth.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

ModCloth is another online-only store, but I absolutely love their clothes, accessories, and home goods! I love the way they name their items, too! They also have some special-buy items that are really vintage, but if you find one you like, buy it right away, because they usually only have one!


Anthropologie at Anthropologie.com

Anthropologie at Anthropologie.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

Anthropologie is great because it’s an online store, so you can shop at home any time you want, but it’s also a retail store, so you can see and touch the items, and try them on as outfits. And I love the atmosphere in the stores… the displays are gorgeous, the music is always so great, and you can smell all of the perfumes and candles.


Forever 21 at Forever21.com

Forever 21 at Forever21.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

Forever 21 has clothes and accessories to please every woman, no matter what her style — including vintage and retro. The best part? They have an extensive online store, and retail shops, and their prices are very reasonable! I also love that they change stock every couple of weeks, so you’re bound to find something new to love all the time!


The Red Dress Shop at Reddressshoppe.com

The Red Dress Shop at Reddressshoppe.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

If you’re looking for a particularly well-made and unique vintage-inspired dress, this is the web store for you! Their stock is limited, but darling and you won’t find anything like their items anywhere else!


Gypsy 05 at Gypsy05.com

Gypsy 05 at Gypsy05.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

California has been one of the first-rate fashion Meccas of the world, so it’s no wonder this line started there, and stays there, in Hollywood. I love their styles, which are celeb-based, and their look-books are so much fun! They have fashions for women, men, and even kids! And their fashion line is very nature-centered and eco-friendly, too!


Punk at Punk.com

Punk at Punk.com Photo Credit: JennKstep

The name implies punk fashion, but this online store also has a great selection of vintage-inspired looks, especially their dresses! They even have flapper-inspired clothing, which I love!

Even if you only buy one item from each of these retail or online stores, you’ll have a wardrobe filled with gorgeous, unique vintage-inspired dresses, shoes, and more! Which of these stores do you like best, and what marvelous vintage-look items have you found there? Please let me know!

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Omg Jen, You're going to make me spend a LOT of money! :D

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