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7 Amazing Online Vintage Stores ...

By Meream

(This is another guest post. This time, Lauren of Champagne & Marshmallows shows us the best online vintage stores where we can avail of wonderful vintage items. Reading this will not be good for my savings but these stores carry some decadent items!)

1 Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal sells both new and vintage clothing. The vintage section consists of mostly 80's style clothing. Lots of sequins, leather, acid wash jeans, and puffy dresses!

2 Posh Girl Vintage

Posh Girl VintageThis little pink website has lots of lace, floral patterns, and very unique pieces. And there are also some really beautiful wedding dresses and prom gowns.

3 Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing

Rusty Zipper Vintage ClothingThis website offers styles from the 1940's to the 1980's. I love their 80's collection. They've got some pretty amazing leather jackets!

4 Vintage Trends

Vintage TrendsBeautiful lace tops, great cardigans, and very good prices on faux fur coats.

5 Monster Vintage

Monster VintageLots of cute swimsuits and lingerie, and so many great sweaters! There is also a rare finds section.

6 Nelda's Vintage Clothing

Nelda's Vintage ClothingSome very cute sequin and beaded pieces, and a lot of dresses and adorable tops..

7 Midnight Sparkle Vintage Clothing

Midnight Sparkle Vintage ClothingMostly dresses and gowns, but there are some really cute tops and adorable shoes! Also, you'll probably want check out their tights.
(Thank you Lauren for this delightful post!)

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