7 Technologies We Can't Live without ...

Technology changes so fast these days, it's hard to keep up! I went from Sony Walkman to a portable CD player to a mini-disc player to my first MP3 player (pre-iPod), to the first iPod Mini, and now I use a pink iPod Nano. And this was just in the past 15 years! I wonder what technology will replace my Nano... but I know for certain I can't live without the one I have now. Here is my list of the seven technologies we can't live without (at least for right now!)...

1. Internet

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What was the world like before the Internet? A lot more quiet, and a lot smaller. When we were assigned pen pals in French class, we actually had to send them letters via post, and wait for a response that usually took about 2 weeks. Now, we can do everything, including corresponding with foreign pen pals, online. There’s email, online banking, blogging, telecommuting, shopping, social networking, and my beloved amazon.com and eBay. I love theInternet with all its time wasting activities!

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