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7 Technologies We Can't Live without ...

By Jennifer

Technology changes so fast these days, it's hard to keep up! I went from Sony Walkman to a portable CD player to a mini-disc player to my first MP3 player (pre-iPod), to the first iPod Mini, and now I use a pink iPod Nano. And this was just in the past 15 years! I wonder what technology will replace my Nano... but I know for certain I can't live without the one I have now. Here is my list of the seven technologies we can't live without (at least for right now!)...

1 Internet

Internet Photo Credit: wout.

What was the world like before the Internet? A lot more quiet, and a lot smaller. When we were assigned pen pals in French class, we actually had to send them letters via post, and wait for a response that usually took about 2 weeks. Now, we can do everything, including corresponding with foreign pen pals, online. There’s email, online banking, blogging, telecommuting, shopping, social networking, and my beloved and eBay. I love theInternet with all its time wasting activities!

2 Cell Phone/Smart Phone

Cell Phone/Smart Phone Photo Credit: Willie Chiang

I love watching old movies where the hero has to make a phone call and is running to a pay phone. Silly, we think, why not use a cell phone? Everyone has them, and we use them everywhere, for everything! We don’t just talk on them, either. We can check e-mail, buy plane tickets, text, and even dissolve international crisis and defuse bombs… or at least they can in the movies. The best part? No more rushing home to check your answering machine and see if that cute guy you just met called you…

3 IPod

IPod Photo Credit: ًWeda3eah*

I thought portable CD players were cool, but iPods are even cooler… no moving parts, so no skipping! And you can just load the songs you want, instantly. Newer iPods can play videos, movies, and TV shows, as well as music! How did we ever live without these things, even with the Sony Walkman?


GPS Photo Credit: lovelydesign

I admit it: I get lost easily. That’s why I love my Tom Tom GPS and can't imagine not having it in my car. Just type in an address, or even just the name of the place you want to go, and your GPS will guide you there. I especially love my GPS when I’m traveling out of town… now I don’t get turned around in Chicago, San Francisco, or my own hometown, Detroit!

5 Cable/Satellite TV

Cable/Satellite TV Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

You know the dilemma — 600 channels, and there’s nothing on. But there’s even less on broadcast TV, trust me. Cable or satellite TV gives us everything, from movies to sports to SpongeBob and Hannah Montana. And who could forget Entourage or Six Feet Under? Most of us also get our cable internet from the same cable company we use for our television. And if you can afford it, invest in a hi-def TV and hi-def cable… what a difference!

6 Digital Camera

Digital Camera Photo Credit: isayx3

How did we live without digital cameras, or at least record our lives? We bring digital cameras with us everywhere (they’re even part of most cell phones!), and take photos of everything, and we don’t have to wait film to be developed! Point, shoot, click, download, and add to Facebook. Perfect!

7 Remote Control

Remote Control Photo Credit: nerdvin

Have you ever lost your remote control to the TV or DVD player? You get off the couch, walk up to the piece of equipment to change the channel or make the DVD play, and you can’t figure out which button to push, or even where the buttons might be! Remotes are fantastic!

How did we live without any of these things, or without the microwave (for popcorn) or the flat-iron? Wow! Which of these technologies is the most important to you, and why? Which other technology do you love? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: willycoolpics.

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