7 Software Programs to Have on Your Computer ...


7 Software Programs to Have on Your Computer ...
7 Software Programs to Have on Your Computer ...

We all have computers apparently and we need to know what programs work the best on our computers. I know with my computer I need a good writing program and FTP for my website. You will find that there are thousands of programs to try, but you should know some of these programs are a waste of time and only have the programs out to advertise their company name or website. I will tell you some of the best 7 Software programs to have on your computer…

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Zone Alarm Suit

Zone Alarm Suit Photo Credit: XnupoX

I use this program to stop unwanted hackers and get rid of unwanted backdoor viruses. You can download the free trail or get the free software that has the firewall only. I use the full suit that helps with virus protection, email protection and firewall protection. Zone alarm has always protected my computer from threats.


Microsoft Frontpage

Microsoft Frontpage Photo Credit: Chris Denbow

Microsoft has many different types of programs that help us work or create many different things. You use Microsoft frontpage if you want to make a website. It can help you make the Html code in matter of seconds and make a good design for your website. Very helpful program that doesn't cost too much.



Trillian Photo Credit: Carla216

When it comes to a master chat program and other applications you need, you will find Trillian to be your program of choice. This program allows you to sign in to twitter, facebook and other chat programs such as yahoo and msn. This program is the master program for all chat programs and the good thing about it, it's free. Unless you use the pro version, which has more features.


Nero (Cd Burning Software)

Nero (Cd Burning Software) Photo Credit: arottenmind

We all like to listen to music or save pictures on a data cd. With windows vista, you have an automatic software for burning, but it lacks the features to make certain types of CD's. With Nero software, you will be able to make CD's bootable, burn iso's, and make data Cd's easier. You also can make files converted to audio, when there mp3. Very good program to use and comes free with most DVD/CD drives you buy in the store.


Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft Power Point Photo Credit: quikboy

If you need a presentation for work and want to make it look the best. You should try Microsoft power point, because it has many different tools that makes presentations at their best. With this software, you can simply make a short presentation of your current business subject and present it with slides and neat little graphics. Perfect for those that needs to make presentations for certain jobs.


Microsoft Visual Basics

Microsoft Visual Basics Photo Credit: all that happens is a matter of previous occurance

This program is needed amongst certain programmers making new programs. You can do many scripted programs to make one program or make a php-based program for web designers. You will find that this is one of the most wanted programs for people that make programs and make tons of money off them creating an easier life.


TMPGEnc Xpress

TMPGEnc Xpress Photo Credit: JackHammer_AC

This program isn't free and helps you format many different video files into what you want. It's a good encoder that helps you convert and make the best home movie ever. If you have an avi movie and want to format it to a mp4 file, it will do that for you.


Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 Photo Credit: G4Cpl

Now this is the most used program that everyone needs. You need it for school or even for work. You will never get any better word program then Microsoft word 2010. It can help you make many word documents with the right amount of words and has a grammar checker that comes in handy.

We hope you liked our most used programs and hope they come to use for you. Most of these programs cost, but some have the free version that allows you to see how the program works. Do you find our programs we choose a good choice?

Top Photo Credit: turbochargedcow

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I LOVE Nero! I don't know what I'd do without it! Also, although I agree MS Word is a must-have, if you don't have the money for it, or the need for the full program, there's always Open Office, which is free and does just about everything that MS Word does, just not necessarily in the same exact way. I would add Photoshop Elements to this list. It's a cheaper version of Photoshop, only lacking a few things like the pen tool, layer masks (which can be done with a free plugin, actually) and complete control of curves. Anyway, you can easily add a professional look to things without spending a fortune. I even use it for professional web design!

No, no, gah! No! First off, I am not familiar with windows firewall and antivirus stuff beyond the whole, "typically THAT is the software targeted by anybody attacking a system.". It has happened a few times, that by simply targeting Nortan, MacAffee and likely Zone Alarm, you get greater control of the system enough to use it as drone than any other security exploit that those typically end up being the first target. I mostly opt to use Linux myself, as well--it is easier for me to figure out how to hunker down than have a Windows computer on my network, that I can only imagine will be the most spyware and virus infected stuff out there--as in Windows case, reliance is entirely on one or two vendors for what I need to do. Not just some simple additions to SELinux and Iptables/Ipchains. Now, onto the software. Most of the choices are fine. Except a few: Microsoft Front Page. NO! NO! A million times NO! That is probably the single worst WYSI(not)WYG editor out there in existence. If you want a real WYSIWYG editor might I suggest KDE's Quanta, Gnome's Screem or busting out the big dollars and getting Adobe Macromedia's Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver, while expensive is at the same time one of the best tools out there for doing WYSIWYG web editing. Though, if you do not have the funds, Quanta comes very close in the FlOSS area of things. And, I am going to hope you mean Microsoft Visual Studios. Rather than Microsoft Visual Basic. Visual Basic is probably one of the most irritating languages to work with with most programmers opting to use C# instead (or Perl 6, Perl 5, Python 2, C, C++, Clojure/Lisp, Ruby, Delphi, etc.). Microsoft Visual Studios is not horrible as far as IDEs go (well to my understanding. I do my stuff in Vim--so I am obviously crazy here). Though it may pay to heck out Eclipse as well. I would also point out that based on the other stuff in this article, I'd be careful with accepting PHP code. While the language itself is a fine language to code stuff in--most of the people coding in it, tend to have no idea what they are doing, that any project in PHP may need to find that in order to get anywhere, they will need to reinvent the wheel... a lot. Compared to Pylons, Catalyst, Other Enlightened Perl 5 frameworks, Rails (if it were to be documented in any real way), and JSP based frameworks. So fairly decent list with the exception of putting Frontpage and "Microsoft Visual Basics" into it--and possible wariness around Zone Alarm. Typically, your router in between your internet connection and any computers in your network should handle most of that anyways, with anything on your computer being, at most, a backup defense.

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