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Everyone has an iPhone these days, and that’s precisely why people are going app crazy. There is an app for basically everything. Some have revolutionized the way we live our lives. Other have revolutionized the way we don’t live our lives. Either way, here are the Top 10 iPhone apps in my world.

10. Tango

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Facetime is basically the videophone feature that we’ve been seeing in futuristic sci-fi movies for years, and now it’s here! The only problem is that there’s a catch…you have to have access to WiFi. Well, not anymore. Tango allows you to Facetime chat using the 3G Network. Let the Jetson-talk begin!

9. Urbanspoon

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Have you ever been sitting around with your significant other trying to decide where to eat, but neither of you can decide on the perfect option. This app will settle that argument. It compiles user reviews on basically every restaurant in your town, and it’s way more expansive that you’d think.

8. Fandango

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Trying to make a spur of the moment movie decision? Fandango can help. It allows you to check show times for any movie at almost any theater.

7. Texts from Last Night

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Everyone’s favorite website now has an app! Want to read ridiculously funny texts sent from ridiculous people? Now you can! Search your zipcode and see just how much more fun the people in your area are having than you.

6. Yelp

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Yelp will tell you all of the restaurant, businesses, and entertainment close to you…or not close to you. Search for anything to do anywhere and then get directions all with just a few taps. Nice.

5. Angry Birds

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This game has become a phenomenon. If you don’t have this app yet pay them the $1 and get over with it.

4. 2Do

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This is THE app for obsessive-compulsive list makers. It allows you to tab out numerous categories to create lists with reminders, calendars, colors, and an assortment of handy ways of organizing your life.

3. Words with Friends

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Beating your friends at Scrabble on your iPhone is so satisfying. There are apps allowing you to cheat, so watch out for your less creative friends who plane insane words like qi or za. Otherwise, enjoy.

2. Facebook Mobile

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Is there really any explanation necessary for this one?

1. Geocaching

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Hands down the best $10 I have EVER spent. This app is basically an ever expanding treasure map. People go out and place what are called Geocaches, then they drop a GPS pinpoint coordinate in that location allowing fellow cachers to hone in on that spot to find the cache. It can be any shape or size and include a vast assortment of tradable items. This is the most fun I’ve ever had with an app and it never fails to deliver new beautiful spots in nature that I have to find. Also, with almost 1.5 million caches all over the world, you’re never too far from a hundred or so.

Do you live on your iPhone like most people? If so you probably have a couple of these. What would be your top choice?

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