8 IPhone Games You'll Regret Missing ...


8 IPhone Games You'll Regret Missing ...
8 IPhone Games You'll Regret Missing ...

The iPhone is most definitely addictive, and for more than one reason, but the biggest reason is the games. If you have one then you know just how much time you’re capable of wasting playing on any one of the games below. I’ve literally rolled out of bed, picked up my phone to check texts, and became stuck there for two hours playing a game. I’m not saying this is a bad thing because I love video games so here is my list of 8 iPhone games that you’ll love wasting time with.

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Doodle Jump

All of these are difficult to put down, but this one can be especially hard to quit. It’s very simple. All you do is tilt the screen left to right as the doodlebug jumps his way up the never-ending cascade of platforms. The only way to lose is to fall or touch one of the many monsters on your climb, and there are plenty of aids to your ascent like rocket packs, trampolines, and helicopter hats to pad your score.


Mr. Aahh!!

Here we have a side scroller where the art to master is timed jumps. The hero jumps from platform to platform of varying sizes and colors, through troublesome wind conditions all while trying to hit the sweet spot on each platform’s drop zone. The old school 8-bit music is a nice added touch, as well.


Fruit Ninja

So simple, but so addicting! As the fruit ninja, your only job is to slice the fruit as it flies on the screen. But watch out! Don’t slice those bombs or it’s curtains for you! This is one of those that no matter what you tell yourself, you’ll never put it down after only playing once.


Oregon Trail

What a classic. I loved this game way back in elementary school; way before it spawned the t-shirts reading, “You have died of dysentery.” In this nicely done revamp, your only job it to navigate the treacherous Oregon Trail while ensuring you and your family’s safely. The day I downloaded this I accidentally sat in the library for two and a half hours making my way out west. Here’s hoping you lose track with this nostalgia trigger like I did.



This is the most simple on the list. A mannequin stands on the top o varying dangerous locations like tall stairs, cascading pyramids, and ski slopes. Your only job it to push him down in a way that causes maximum bodily harm to earn points. The more bones you break, the more points you get, and the more you’ll want to hurt this mannequin. The best part is you can crop a picture onto the dummy to look like whomever you want. Let the bashing begin!


Cut the Rope

Your job in this game is to make sure the mint makes it into the green frog monster’s mouth without breaking, being eaten by spiders, or dropping off the map, all while collecting the yellow stars. Cut the Rope’s level system is much like Angry Birds, however, it is much easier, making it much less infuriating at times. That’s not to say that this game is a push over, though. Once they introduce the sliding ropes, anti-gravity button, and the captain’s wheel, watch out!


Block Breaker 2

This might be my all time favorite phone game. It’s not my number once choice just because it’s so short. Once you beat the levels it’s basically over. It’s super fun until then, but it’s just not long enough and doesn’t carry enough replay value to net the top spot. This game is a pong type ball deflector where your goal is to use the ball to break all of the blocks on the screen. There are also tons of fun power ups like fireball and multi-ball to aid in your efforts.


Angry Birds

If you have an iPhone there’s a 99% chance that you already have this game. So to that 1% that hasn’t joined the club yet, what are you waiting for? This game is so ridiculously addicting that it’s far and away the winner of this list. In the game your goal is to sling shot birds with varying abilities into the rickety strongholds of the pigs invading your lands to take back your territory or eggs or whatever it is that the pigs are supposed to be doing. I’m not actually sure about that, but this game is a MUST. Every time you have a minute of down time crack open Angry Birds and advance a little further. Let me warn you in advance that the later levels can be infuriating, but I promise you’ll never give this game up for good.

Phone apps are so much fun, and they are inexpensive, sometimes free. Sure, there are plenty of other ways to waste your time. Honestly though, can you think of a better way to pour away your time than Angry birds?

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I have all but Oregon Trail & Dismount. :)

Hey, don't forget about World of Warcraft on the iPhone! That's the only game I would really like on the iphone. lol.

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