4 Reasons Why Press Reader 3.0 is a Must-Have App...


4 Reasons Why Press Reader 3.0 is a Must-Have App...
4 Reasons Why Press Reader 3.0 is a Must-Have App...

As an Android phone user and part iPad owner (the other half belongs to the boyfriend), I'm always on the hunt for new amazing apps. This is how I came across Press Reader 3.0 and let me tell you readers, this is the only news app you'll ever need and here's why:

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Digital Replicas

The best part about Press Reader3.0 is that it gives you digital replicas of over 1800 same day, full-content, local, national and international newspapers and yes, that means you can flip pages just the way you would with an actual newspaper. Also there are pan, zoom and scroll functions for easier news reading.


Intelligent SmartFlow Reading Experience

This one of a kind update for Press Reader is for lucky iPad users only and takes the replica experience to a whole new level. It allows you to view articles as a continuous stream of stories that flow across the iPad, each optimally presented on the screen and with SmartFlow, there is no need to jump to a new page where an article continues. Instead, all you do is click on "Continue link" at the bottom of the snippet to expand to the full story right there! It also comes with SmartZoom that automatically positions the zoomed-in view to the beginning of an article and makes your whole reading experience much more fluid and enjoyable! Watchthis video to learn more about SmartFlow.


On-Demand Audio Feature

Press Reader3.0's audio feature is ideal for when you're multitasking or don't have the time or are just plain lazy to read. Convenient and how!



Last but not least, Press Reader3.0 allows to share anything you like, anytime you want via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also print any newspaper article you want.

If you are a certified news junkie, Press reader3.0 is must-have app! Check it out hereandhere.

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