7 Best IPhone Photo Apps ...

I consider myself to be something of an amateur photographer, with a range of lenses and accessories for my extremely amazing Canon DSLR camera. But try as I might, I can’t match the effects of some of the photos my iPhonecan take… some of the apps make taking photos, or editing and sharing them, a snap, and they look almost as amazing as the ones I take with my super-fancy camera. Want to know more about these great photo apps? Keep reading! I’ve compiled a list of my favorites, and here they are! These are, in my view, the 7 best iPhonephoto apps.

1. 8mm Vintage Camera

Price: $1.99 at itunes.apple.com
I love taking videos with my iPhone, and with this incredibly amazing app, I can make them look like they were made on a vintage 8mm camera. There are 5 lenses and 5 films to choose from, giving you so many choices for effects, from grainy and dusted to light leak and flickering and so many more. It’s so worth the price tag, and so much fun to use!