44 Best Places Single Girls Can Meet Eligible Men ...


44 Best Places Single Girls Can Meet Eligible Men ...
44 Best Places Single Girls Can Meet Eligible Men ...

Places to Meet Eligible Men become more and more scarce these days. Heck, even eligible men as they are have become a rare species. And what do we single ladies do about this? Well, my guess is it can go 2 ways - either we sit and wait for the good men to sweep us off our feet or we simply take the first step toward our destiny and check out the best places to meet eligible men to see if our future boyfriends or husbands might be there? Before going out you can even try a love tarot reading to predict if that’s the day you get to meet the man of your dreams.  Well, if you are like me and you are choosing the second option, let's get ready for some action and take a quick look at this fabulous list of 44 Best Places to Meet Eligible Men!

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The Bar

This may be one of the oldest ways to meet a man, but it still works. Free flowing beer makes it easier to approach your target! However, if 'commitment' is on your mind, then look elsewhere!


While bars may have that laid-back and convivial atmosphere that lowers inhibitions, remember that such environments can often lead to short-term connections. The chances are you'll meet someone who's out for a good time, not necessarily a long time. To increase your odds of finding Mr. Right over Mr. Right Now, consider the type of bar you're visiting. Craft beer pubs or wine bars often attract a more mature and thoughtful crowd, potentially opening up the space to encounter individuals with shared interests in finer experiences and perhaps, serendipitously, in long-term partnerships too.


The Market

Whether it's the shopping mall or the supermarket these places are loaded up with good looking folks. Chances are you'll find someone who lives in your neighbor and likes coffee the way you do. A bookstore is another place to meet someone with similar tastes - at least in literature!


The Market is a great place to meet eligible men. Whether it's the shopping mall, the supermarket, or a bookstore, these places are filled with potential partners. Not only are you likely to find someone who lives in your neighborhood, but you might find someone who shares the same interests as you. Plus, you can get to know someone over a cup of coffee or while browsing books together. With the right attitude, you can make a connection with someone special at the Market.



This is the latest method of meeting single 7 Things It's Okay for Men to do ... @Melanie. There are several online dating sites where you can check out profiles and photographs. The best one I've heard of is PlentyofFish.com, because all the services there are free. But there are others like Match.com, Chemistry.com (Limited time offer - 7 Day Free Trial) or Perfectmatch.com that too seem to be pretty good, although you'll have to spend some money on membership. Online dating became a relatively safe method as you can get to know your date before you go out with him.

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Church is a good place to meet men who share the same faith and moral grounding. If you're a single mom, this may be a good place to find serious 7 Things It's Okay for Men to do ... @Melanie who are looking for a life partner rather than a night out on the town.


Church is an ideal place for single women to meet eligible men, as it provides an environment where both parties can share the same moral and spiritual values. In addition to the potential for developing a meaningful relationship, attending church can provide a supportive social network for single mothers.

Church services are a great place to meet men who are looking for a life partner, rather than just a casual date. Many churches offer activities such as Bible study, prayer groups, and other religious-based activities which provide an opportunity to meet people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

For single mothers, attending church can provide a sense of community and belonging. The supportive environment can help single mothers to develop relationships with other members of the congregation, and can provide a place to find comfort and solace in difficult times.

Attending church can also be a great way to find men who have similar beliefs and values. Many churches offer singles' groups or classes which can provide an opportunity to meet other single people who share the same faith.


The Water Cooler

If you can get past the gossip, the office is a place where romance can be sparked. Being in such close proximity with colleagues can lead to an office romance. Finding someone of the same intellectual level may be easier at the workplace than at the bar!



Check out the newspapers for announcements regarding neighborhood picnics, square dances, tours and special events. These are great places to meet new people, especially single men! Go ahead strike up a conversation. You might end up meeting your spouse.


College ...

If you're taking some classes at the local college this could be an opportunity to meet eligible 7 Things It's Okay for Men to do ... @Melanie. There are seminars and short courses that you can participate in. Not only can you get an education but you can find that perfect someone perhaps sitting right next to you.

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Get your friends to help if you're serious about finding a man. Attend parties where there is a good mix of singles. Be friendly, outgoing and be seen! You can even throw a party yourself and tell friends to bring their friends along.



While you exercise your muscles you can exercise your heart as well. The gym is a great place to meet single men, specially the hot men! You'll know in advance that they value their health and you know what to expect when thir expensive suit comes off, so that's a good starting point!


Favorite Diner or Restaurant

Notice the guy who's having dinner by himself at the far corner table? Well, what you waiting for? Get a waiter to introduce you or do it yourself. Either way, make a move.


Dining out alone can be a daunting prospect for single girls, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet eligible men. While some people may be intimidated by the idea of having dinner at a restaurant or diner alone, it can actually be a great way to meet someone interesting.

Your favorite diner or restaurant is a great place to start. Whether it’s a cozy cafe or a bustling bistro, there are plenty of potential partners to be found. Look around for someone who’s eating alone, or take a seat at the bar and strike up a conversation with someone. You never know who you might meet!

It’s also a great idea to take advantage of any singles events that the restaurant may offer. These events are usually designed to bring together like-minded people, and it’s a great way to meet potential partners.

It’s important to remember that the key to successful dating is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit bold and take the initiative to introduce yourself. Be confident and be yourself – you never know who you might meet!



Either in your office or in the accounting on the 19th floor there must be that cute, nice, good-looking guy who makes your heart tick. Figure out where exactly he works, what's his name, if he's available, and let the flirting beging! Who knows, maybe the guy in the next cubicle is the one you were looking for all this time!

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I know they say that relationships that started on vacation never last, but that was way back in the 20th century! Now that air fares are getting lower and lower and Internet live video chats is the most common thing out there - why not to give a great man you met on a vacation a chance? Who knows, maybe in a couple of months you'll decide you want to live together?



When I say parks I mean day time, safe places downtown, where people go to get some fresh air during lunch break, after work or on weekends. For your own safety, please don't stay there after dark. But during the day, you'll be surprised at how many young good looking men spend an hour or so sitting on a bench reading, working on their laptops or just watching other people. Just sit next to the one you like the most and if he is in the mood for conversation, you'll know it!


Parks are a great place for single girls to meet eligible men, as they are a public space that is usually open during the day and safe to visit. Parks are a great spot to find men of all ages, from young adults to middle-aged professionals. Many men enjoy spending time in parks during their lunch break, after work, or on the weekend. They may be reading, working on their laptop, or simply taking in the scenery. If a single girl is interested in meeting someone, she should try sitting next to the guy she finds most attractive and strike up a conversation. If he is in the mood for talking, she'll know it.



These days we spend a good couple of hours every month flying here and there. Next time you have a flight, look out for cute guys who might too be flying the same plane. And who knows, maybe your seat will be next to his!

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Flying is one of the best ways to meet eligible men. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, there’s always a chance that you’ll meet someone special on your flight. From businessmen to vacationers, there’s a variety of men who fly and you never know who you might find.

The next time you’re on an airplane, take a look around. You never know who might be sitting next to you. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Who knows, you might just find yourself a potential date.

If you’re looking for a specific type of man, you can also try to look for him at the airport. From the check-in counter to the coffee shop, the airport is a great place to find a wide range of men. Take a look around and you might be surprised at the number of eligible men you might find.


House Party

Any party is always a fun way to meet people but with a house party, everything is so much more in your control and it's comforting to know that common friends are involved. So throw a fun little party, invite all your friends and tell them to invite their friends (preferably single). You never know who you may end up meeting and if nothing, at least they'll be grateful for the awesome party!


Hosting a house party not only sets a relaxed vibe, but also allows you the benefit of home ground—you're in your element! Plus, the cozy setting encourages guests to mingle in a comfortable space. Set the mood with a great playlist and some appetizers, and be sure to mix and match different social circles—it's the perfect recipe for sparking new connections. Remember to keep the atmosphere welcoming and who knows, amidst the laughter and dance moves, you might just find someone who catches your eye.


Acting Workshop

If you're not shy and love an audience, why not join an acting class. You will meet tons of taleneted, fun, outgoing men and you'll have a ready excuse to flirt with them. What? You're only playing your part! Besides, you'll figure out quite early on who you do and do not share chemistry with and the rest will be history.


Art Exhibits

They say that without art, the earth is just "eh". Sorry I read that somewhere today and had to share. Back to the point, art exhibits are one of the best places to meet eligible men. Whether you are an art lover or not, an exhibit will give you an opportunity and an excuse to chat with different men, get to know them, perhaps flirt a little and if the chemistry is just right, maybe you could take the party elsewhere.


Book Club

If you love reading, one of the best ways to meet like-minded men is through a book club. Think about it. You read, you share opinions, you find similarities, you hit it off, you fall in love...Okay, I'll stop.


Joining a book club doesn’t just open up the pages of new novels—it opens up the possibilities of new romances too. Find book clubs in your local library, bookstore, or even online platforms—they often have groups for a range of genres and interests. The beauty of bonding over books is that you're already starting with a shared passion. You'll engage in deep, thought-provoking discussions which can be incredibly intimate and revealing. Plus, seeing someone else who's passionate about literature can be a sizable turn-on. Who knows, your next chapter could be a love story!


Blood Drive

This one is definitely not for the squeamish! If you watch The Office, you've probably seen the episode where Michael runs into this pretty woman while donating blood and hits it off instantly. That could be you. Strike up a conversation with someone who's next to you or if you see a cutie by the snack table, ask him what he recommends for strength building.Who knows, you may end up deciding that dinner is the best option. And even if you don't end up meeting someone, you've at least helped save a life.


Rock Climbing Center

If you're adventurous, a rock climbing center is one of the best places to meet eligible men. According to a study, nearly two-thirds of wall climbers are male so imagine your chances of meeting someone wonderful and exciting. Plus rock climbing is fun with lots of scope for "accidental" touching and flirting and such. Ah I'm just a pervert sometimes.


Rock climbing centers are becoming increasingly popular as a great place for single women to meet eligible men. According to a recent study, nearly two-thirds of wall climbers are male, making it a great option for those looking to meet someone new. Rock climbing is also a great way to get active and have fun while flirting and making connections.

The physical nature of rock climbing makes it a great way to get to know someone on a deeper level. It requires trust, understanding, and communication, which can help build a strong connection between two people. Plus, the adrenaline rush of rock climbing can help to break the ice and make for a memorable date.

Rock climbing is also a great way to challenge yourself and push your physical and mental boundaries. It can help to build confidence, courage, and resilience, which are all great qualities to have in a relationship. Plus, the sense of accomplishment from reaching the top of the wall can be a great way to bond with someone and make for a great night out.


Wine/Scotch Tasting

If a bar is much too loud and chaotic for your liking, how about going to a wine/scotch tasting event? It's a lot calmer, quieter and not to mention, sober. Whether you actually know your wines or feign innocence, you are bound to meet an eligible bachelor or two. Besides, it gives you plenty of time to "work the room" and figure out your options.


Running Club

A friend actually met his current girlfriend through a running club so if you're into outdoor sports, find a local running club, put on your shoes and get out there! Men in running shorts are so cute and if nothing else, at least you'll get back in shape.


Community Service

Giving back to the community is always a great thing and who knows, your karma might actually earn you an eligible man. There are plenty of places where you can volunteer so take your pick and give away. At the end of the day, you know you're going to meet someone who cares...



I know that the common belief is that all single men at weddings just want to get laid but I beg to differ. Some of them are perfectly charming, pre-bride approved gentlemen that are out there looking for eligible women. You just need to give them a chance. Just don't get too drunk and you'll see what I mean.


Dance Class

I know you're probably wondering why dance classes are on the list of best places to meet eligible men since they usually have more women than men but it's definitely worth a shot considering you will be forced to physically interact with potential hotties. If you feel the chemistry and if the small talk is intriguing enough, hang back, get to know him better and see where it goes...


Dance classes are a great way for single girls to meet eligible men. Not only is it a great physical activity, but you can also get to know someone in a relaxed and fun environment. Plus, the physical contact of dancing can make it easier to connect with a potential partner.

When attending a dance class, you should dress appropriately and be mindful of your body language. Smile and be friendly, and don't be afraid to strike up a conversation. If you feel a connection with someone, it can be a great opportunity to get to know them better and see where it leads.

If you're looking for a more structured way to meet eligible men, there are many dance classes specifically designed for singles. These classes offer a great way to meet people in a safe and comfortable environment. You can also join a dance group, which is a great way to make friends and meet potential partners.

In addition to dance classes, there are many other places single girls can meet eligible men. Bars and clubs can be great places to meet people, but it's important to be aware of your surroundings and be safe. You can also try online dating sites and apps, which can be a great way to meet potential partners.



The only thing that makes the idea of laundry bearable is the possibility of meeting a cute guy and if you run into someone who fits that description, do not hesitate tochat him up. What could it hurt right?


Jury Duty

It may sound boring but think about this. Other bored, possibly wonderful eligible men could be out there and they have nothing to do but chat you up. Sound good? So yep, don't ignore your civic duty the next time you receive a summons in the mail.


Ski Resorts

You might probably need to wait till winter for this one, but hey, it's great to have a B plan if you will be looking for a hot date to take to all the Holiday parties. Knowing how to ski is not necessary, you can try and learn, but if you just go to the resort to relax or have fun with your friends, you'll be surprised at the dozens of sporty good looking eligible men having a hot drink in the bar after an exhausting day of skiing. And is there a more romantic place to find the man of your dreams than under the stars in the middle of snow covered mountains?


Reality Shows

If all else fails and I mean ALL else, reality shows like the Bachelorette seem like a fun way to meet a lot of men who want to make you the center of their attention. I mean, who wouldn't want that! Oh wait, this is about eligible men... I need to cut down on T.V.


In the Navy

One of the best places to meet eligible men is, unquestionably, the Navy. Even if you don't want to make the commitment of joining the Navy, you can make yourself available during shore leaves and Fleet Weeks. These men are brave, handsome, and generally dying to get away from all those boys!


The Navy offers a unique opportunity to meet eligible men who are brave, handsome and looking for a break from the usual. Being part of the Navy is a big commitment, but you can still meet them during their shore leaves and Fleet Weeks. During these times, you can get to know the men and see if there is a connection. You may even be able to form a lasting relationship with someone who is not only brave and handsome but also committed to serving his country.


Walking the Dog

Most guys love dogs, so when you're walking your pooch, you've got a great opportunity to meet one. Big dogs like Labradors and Retrievers are always a great draw, but if you have a little dog, don't worry. Many men have a secret love for the little dogs as well. If you're friendly and make eye contact (and if your dog doesn't try to mark his territory in an awkward spot), you should be golden!


The Hardware Store

You'll be surprised at what a great place it is to meet men. First of all, almost all the clients are men and so are the sales assistants. And being a woman, you'll find it natural to ask for help that cute stranger who will gladly explain you the difference between this and that tool. Who knows, he might ask you out for coffee to continue the conversation...


The Hardware Store can be a great place for single women to meet eligible men. This is especially true for women who are looking for a more practical man. With almost all of the customers and staff being male, it can be a great place for women to find someone who can help them around the house.

The store can also be a great place to start conversations. Women can ask questions about the different tools and products available in the store and the men working there will be more than happy to help. This can be a great way to start a conversation, and who knows, maybe the man you’re talking to will ask you out for coffee afterwards.

The Hardware Store is also a great place to find men who are interested in the same hobbies as you. If you’re into DIY projects, gardening, or home repairs, then the Hardware Store can be a great place to meet men who share your interests. Not only will you be able to find men who share your interests, but you’ll also be able to find men who are knowledgeable about the products and tools available in the store.


The Tech Store

Tech stores are men magnets. I do not know a single guy who would pass on the opportunity to come and take a look at some new weird plasma TV or sound system or whatever it is he's read about on his favorite tech blog. So take it from me, most customers in tech stores are also men, and many of them are very good looking. Now, you'll surely see a couple of married guys (of course), but you'll be surprised at the number of single guys browsing these stores. Give this one of the best places to meet eligible men a try and you won't regret it.



Now, I know this might sound a little cliche, but what's the best way to meet someone, when you are visiting a new city than going to a local museum. There are hundreds of single men who, just like you, want to check the museums off their lists when they travel to a new city and believe me, they'll be happy to have a conversation with a cute girl, especially when there are so many conversational pieces around. Museums are also fantastic for meeting artsy guys and foreigners, so if you are feeling adventures, this is the place to meet eligible men.


Museums are a great place for single girls to meet eligible men, as many men visit them when they travel to a new city. Not only are they a great way to learn about the local culture and history, they also offer the opportunity to meet interesting people. Many museums have special events and classes that are designed to bring people together and create a social atmosphere.

Aside from meeting other singles, museums are also a great place to meet artsy guys and foreigners. The art and artifacts on display can be a great conversation starter and provide a way to connect with someone from a different culture. In addition, many museums have special exhibits that feature foreign artists, which can provide a great way to learn about different cultures and art forms.

The best part about meeting someone in a museum is that it is a non-threatening environment. Unlike a bar or club, there is no pressure to be anything other than yourself. You can simply enjoy the artwork and conversation without worrying about being judged or rejected.


The Bowling Alley

I know you probably think, how old the guys in the bowling alley would be? 60? 70? But don't be so quick, I have personally seen a couple of times guys coming in in groups for a little game. And may I say, some of them were very cute.


The Golf Course

Ditto on this one, although golfing can be quite a bit more boring than bowling. The difference is, the course isn't so loud and crowded either, and you can really get a chance to talk to a guy. If he looks really into the game, let it pass, but if he's with some friends and they're chatting together as much as golfing, go for it!



Although loud, casinos can also be great places to meet eligible men. You don't want to talk to a guy when he's right in the middle of a heavy game or anything, but if you're both playing Blackjack, if you're sitting at the slots, or one of you is throwing dice, then you can start a conversation. It'll be casual, but that can lead to other things.



Concerts are a fantastic place to meet eligible men, especially if it's your favorite performer. You will instantly have an interest in common and when you are a fan of something it's so easy to bond with the other person. The connection sparks instantly, so try this place to meet eligible men and see who you meet!


At a Club

Now, many guys just go to clubs to hook up. A lot of them aren't necessarily looking for someone to date. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and that is the only reason nightclubs made it onto the list. You have to have an eagle eye, but if you spot this guy, you'll be glad. He likes to dance and hang out and have a good time, but he isn't the boy who's only into ranking up as many one night stands as possible.


The Beach

The beach is not just a great place to meet eligible men, it's a fantastic place! See, guys who go to the beach generally fall into three different categories. They go alone, and depending on what you see them doing, that probably means they're single (so if you can think up an approach, do it!). They go with a group of guy friends, and again, you can typically tell by their behavior if they're single. Or, they go with their wives or girlfriends. If you see a guy spreading lotion on someone else, just play it safe and scratch him off your list!


At a Cigar Bar

I don't know many girls who like cigar bars, but I know plenty of guys who do! Sure, you're going to be entering forbidden territory, but it might well be worth it. These places have tons of eligible guys, and the kicker is, most of them think any girl in a cigar bar is automatically cool!


Cigar bars are a great place for single women to meet eligible men. Not only do cigar bars attract men who are looking for interesting conversation and company, but they also provide a unique atmosphere and a wide selection of cigars to choose from.

The atmosphere of cigar bars is often very relaxed and laid-back, making it the perfect place to chat and get to know someone. The conversations that can be had in a cigar bar are often more interesting than those found in a typical bar or club. Plus, the presence of cigars in the room adds a bit of sophistication and mystery to the atmosphere.

In addition to the great atmosphere, cigar bars often have a wide selection of cigars to choose from. This allows for a wide range of tastes and preferences, making it easy to find the perfect cigar for you and your date. Plus, the selection of cigars can provide a great conversation starter, allowing you to get to know your date's tastes and preferences.

Finally, most men in cigar bars assume that any woman present is automatically cool. This can be a great confidence boost for single women who are looking to meet someone new. Plus, it is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation.


A Sushi Bar

Surprisingly, more and more men start loving sushi. And nowadays, when you pop into a nice such restaurant you see more men and women. Some of them are having business dinner, others are meeting with a friend, but there are those, sitting at the bar, having dinner after work on their own - and those are you could easily sit next to and perhaps strike a conversation if you feel like it. Or he'll be the first to talk, guys are usually like that - they catch your eye and they just start talking to you.


The Bookstore

Meeting men at a bookstore is just tops, especially if you're a big reader. You know he shares your interests, you automatically have plenty to talk about, and since most bookstores provide little chairs and comfy couches, you already have a cozy spot to get to know one another. What could be better?


A Networking Event

A networking event can be dull as hell or it can be fun and interesting. To make sure it's the latter, take a friend of yours from work with you, make sure your hair's done and you are dressed nicely and you'll definitely turn a few heads. A lovely place to meet eligible men, if you ask me!

So, do you ladies know about other great places to meet eligible men? Please do share ...

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to me meeting women is the hardest thing in the world, next to winning the lottery. i was married twice, and i was a very caring and loving husband at the time. they both cheated on me, and i never cheated on them. i was a very happily married man at the time, and now i am alone. it hurts very much to be by myself, especially when all my other friends are married now and have been very lucky to have met the right woman and have children. i always wanted to meet the right woman, and have a family myself. so far that never has happened. i go out every night, hoping to be at the right place, at the right time. for me, there is no reason to stay home. there is nobody to stay home to. a lot of times, i will break down and cry for being alone. i feel as if god is punishing me for a reason i do not know. i seem to meet all the nasty women today, instead of the good ones. where are the decent women today? are you out there? i like to hear from you.

It was. I think my story is somewhat bookishly romantic as may anyone in love thinks but in my case others share the same opinion as mine.

Some great stuff... now ladies just have to get out there and get involved in all these awesome activities, not to mention, take advantage of the daily places you go! You know, I'd love to go through these with my male dating clients and teach them the way to approach a woman in each of these places!

Sporting events

Hi Franko, I personally know how you feel!! It is really really hard to find someone who wants the same as you do. Personally in my life my husband didn't cheat on me but just left when things got hard!! I wish you lots of luck and hope you find the person who wants the same as you! C

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