8 Unusual Places to Meet People ...


8 Unusual Places to Meet People ...
8 Unusual Places to Meet People ...

Coffee shops, clubs, vacations – there’s like a million of normal places you’d go to if you want to go from “single” to “in relationship”. What the heck, even internet could be considered a normal or, at least, very popular way to meet new and interesting people. But, what happens if you have already tried out these places and still haven’t met the man of your dreams, friend for life or a new “crew” that’s fun to hang out with? Was the timing bad or the only wrong thing about the whole experience were people you came across? Well, sometimes it’s a little bit of both, so here’s some other places you might want to have in mind too:

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Flea Markets and Yard Sales

You’ll do some shopping, maybe even find some valuable collectibles and meet a lot of people! Now, isn’t that the best of both worlds? You don’t even have to have any speeches prepared because in colorful, cheerful environments such as these, it’s always easy to find something to talk about.


Planes and Buses

You’d be surprised about how many cool people you can meet by simply not dozing off during that “boring ride”. I’ve meet a very talented painter , a wacky kid that reminded me so much about my brother, a professor of Greek language who has helped me a lot in terms of which books should I get and where to find her if I ever need some tutoring, as well as many other interesting folks. A friend of mine was lucky enough to share a plane with a popular male model/TV host and she still has a picture to prove it. Bingo!


Weddings and Funerals

It does sound a bit morbid but I’m sure you remember that Sex and The City episode when Miranda manages to find a date on her last date’s wake. Weddings are also a cool way to meet people – you look great, why not use it? The biggest problem is that most of us don’t really feel like attending these events alone and the best things always happen when you have nobody else to focus you attention on. I met a really cute guy on a wedding once. We didn’t really date and all but we stayed in touch, went out together and I’ve met a lot of his friends too!


Critical Situations

This following story may seem bizarre but my parents have actually befriended a couple that came to apologize for their son. You see, when my little brother was about 8, son of that couple hit him with a car. It was my bro’s fault because he was J walking, completely unaware of the traffic but still, it was a very critical situation and he still has a bumpy head to prove it. The parents turned out to be a completely nice couple and my parents kind of liked them. Weird!



Waiting in lines is so boring it could be listed as a torture technique. Seriously, I’d rather have a bag over my head and suffer cold showers than wait in lines! Luckily, other people are bored too so all you need to do is show that you’re in the mood to talk! I really mean it, people are just standing there, focusing on their legs going numb and I’m sure each and every one of them would pay money for a chance to think about something else for a change. Break the ice, ask the person next to you something, mention how much you hate waiting in lines and before you know it, you’ll have a bunch of people standing around you, blabbing about just anything.


Mensa Meetings

Want a smart man? Attend IQ testing, Mensa meetings, conferences and their parties. I can’t guarantee he will possess all of the other qualities you’re looking for in a guy, but it sure is a good start. Being an active Mensa member will certainly give your social and intellectual life quite a boost. It’s always a good time to exercise that gray matter!


Praktiker, Bricolage or Any Home-improvement Shop

Single ladies, pay attention now – if you need a man that can get things done, all you need to do is go to the nearest home-improvement shop and act like you know nothing about tools. There’s at least one gentleman out there ready to jump in, explain everything and even help you do your shopping. And you will, of course, be very grateful and suggest making up to him. There must a nice coffee shop somewhere close!


Traffic Jams

You’re stuck in it and so are the people around you so, if the weather is nice, go out of the car and start a conversation with anybody that doesn’t look too pissed off. Ask if you could borrow a lighter, a magazine or an aspirin. The jam alone is enough to get the conversation started and it’s on you to figure out the rest. Why not? What do you have to lose?

Have you ever met anybody interesting in the most bizarre place and how did it happen?

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