7 Architectural Wonders of 2010 ...


7 Architectural Wonders of 2010 ...
7 Architectural Wonders of 2010 ...

A building can be so much more than just a solid structure on a landscape. It can be a stunning combination of creativity and design. Every year, we see new architecture that challenges human imagination. Here is a list of my favorite architectural wonders of 2010.

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Guanzhou TV Tower, China

Guanzhou TV Tower, China Photo Credit: chinatourguide.com

The Guanzhou TV tower in China has been called ‘The Twisted Lady’ as well as ‘The Supermodel’ of the architectural world. According to the architect, Mark Hemel of Information Based Architects, most buildings are masculine in nature and he wanted to create a distinctly feminine building. Thus, came into existence the hourglass figure of the 2000 feet tall TV tower.


Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa

Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa Photo Credit: bestourism.com

Multi-colored and modeled after a gourd called calabash, which is used not just as food, but also a beer stein, a musical instrument and a motorcycle helmet, this 94,000-seater soccer stadium is a sight to behold and indeed one the architectural wonders of 2010.


Design Museum, Holon, Israel

Design Museum, Holon, Israel Photo Credit: tripadvisor.com

The Design Museum, designed by Ron Arad, has a stunning expressionist design which makes use of huge steel ribbons of varying shades of reddish-orange color, to create an ‘immersive’ structure. The ribbons are not merely decorative, they also serve practical purposes. For instance, one ribbon connects two levels of the building.


Cooper Union, New York City, USA

Photo Credit: city-data.com

The Cooper Union Building, home to the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is a fantastic and mindboggling structure. On one hand, it is a deconstructionist cube that features a huge gash, and on the other hand it is a building that is the epitome of energy efficiency, considering that 75% of the building is naturally lit, thanks to it ingenious design.


Za Koenji Public Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

Za Koenji Public Theatre, Tokyo, Japan Photo Credit: nilton suenaga

The Za Koenji Public Theatre is no doubt one of the architectural wonders of 2010. It is a thin, structure of black steel, designed to create the impression of an enclosed tent or playhouse and its slopping roof and multicolored dotty apertures make it the perfect structure for community performing arts. It even features a floor that bounces back from steps and cartwheels.


Calais Fine Arts and Lace Museum, Calais, France

Calais Fine Arts and Lace Museum, Calais, France Photo Credit: vanitytours.com

Hundreds of millions of yards of lace have originated from Calais. No wonder, it is a befitting place for a lace museum and what could be more befitting than a structure that glimmers in lace to house such a museum? Certainly, one of the architectural wonders of 2010!


ANZ Center, Melbourne, Australia

ANZ Center, Melbourne, Australia Photo Credit: architecture-view.com

A building that combines elegance as well as environmental sustainability, the ANZ center in Melbourne, Australia is indeed one of the architectural wonders of the last year. It includes numerous alternate energy systems as well as a stylish and non-traditional work space.

These architectural wonders of 2010 have to be seen to be believed. It is hard to imagine that our technology has advanced so much that such brilliant structures can actually be created. Let’s see what the future of architecture will have in store for us.

Top image source: checkonsite.com

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