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10 Beautifully Strange Buildings I Want to See ...

By Meream

Architecture interests me. Partly because my sister studied it and partly because I am in awe of the many wonderful things that man can make/build. Now there are traditionally beautiful buildings in the world. Then we have the types that make you go "whoa!" I have gathered here 10 that I dream of seeing in this lifetime. These 10 are what I call the "magical-strange" types, if you know what I mean...

1 Ferdinand Cheval Palace

Ferdinand Cheval PalacePhoto Credit: Mr.850

This was built by a French postman and called Le Palais Ideal or the Ideal Palace. Experts call it an example of "naive art." Sounds rather mean, doesn't it? But I guess it doesn't matter now because the place looks eerily gorgeous. Looks like a sand castle made by fairies or something.

2 Conch Shell House

Conch Shell HousePhoto Credit: notanyron

This is located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. This one is obviously beach-themed. It was designed by Octavio Ocampo. Could he be Poseidon in human form?


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3 Hobbit House

Hobbit HousePhoto Credit: simon dale

You can't get any more magical than a house inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. The best part about this house (location: Wales, UK) is that it is a low-impact structure; it was built with the environment in mind. Here is a fact that blows my mind: it has a fridge cooled by air coming from underground, through foundations. That is insanely cool.

4 Stone House

Stone HousePhoto Credit: Jsome1

This awesome structure can be found in Portugal. It looks like something straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie, doesn't it? It must be cold inside...

5 Wooden Gagster House

Wooden Gagster HousePhoto Credit:Mr.850

This reminds me a bit of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was built by an ex-convict, who has claimed that he only intended to build a 2-storey wooden cabin. He ended up with a 144-feet, 13-floor house that didn't look anywhere near complete. Sadly, this has been demolished so seeing this will forever remain a dream.

6 Nautilus House

Nautilus HousePhoto Credit: beautiful life

Located in Mexico City, this residence sure made my eyes bulge. In appreciation. I imagine that this is a house conjured by mermaids but in reality, two talented human beings designed this. You should check out the interior of this house; every detail follows the overall shell/beach theme. Truly incredible.

7 Teakettle Building

Teakettle BuildingPhoto Credit: taberandrew

I like teapots so I had to include this. It's not particularly astounding but I find it cute. In a huge kind of way.

8 The Basket Building

The Basket BuildingPhoto Credit: addicted Eyes

So you have this and the tea kettle... Methinks there is a giant somewhere who lost his basket and tea kettle while having a picnic. This one is located in Ohio. It is the headquarters of a company that makes baskets. Of course.

9 Mushroom House

Mushroom HousePhoto Credit: The Rocketeer

Another building reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. In my opinion, that is. This one is in the Hyde Park section of Cincinatti, Ohio. I wonder if anyone has bought this house.

10 La Pedrera

La PedreraPhoto Credit: J.Salmoral

Of course I had to include a structure by Antonio Gaudi. There are parts of this structure that are just too awesome to describe, from the roof to the ventilation towers to the balconies. Oh how I wish I can visit this place someday...

Have you been to these places? Care to share with us what you thought of them? What other beautifully strange structures should I have included in this list?

Top Photo Credit: Jsome1

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