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5 Great Places to Be...

By Meream

1 a Place of Tranquility

In your own home, no other place could quite possibly be more tranquil than the garden. Unless, of course, you prefer the toilet. But that's another story.

2 a Place of Make Believe

Let's say you have the power to organize or set your own Golden Globes table. Who would you invite? Who would you have sitting next to you?

3 a Place of Mystery

Do you like graveyards? Our fab writer Melanie here does. Check out the link to know why. I like the third reason she stated.

4 a Place of Hope

The holidays may have turned your world upside down or you may have experienced something heartbreaking recently but you should not give up. Read Cassandra's wonderful post to be inspired.

5 a Place of Remembering

This is a figurative place, of course. I don't know about you but I like being in that state of mind where I am inspired by the trends of the past. How about the 50s?

What do you think of these places, ladies? Any of these close to your heart?

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

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