Top 7 Chain Pizza Joints ...


Top 7 Chain Pizza Joints ...
Top 7 Chain Pizza Joints ...

I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like, but I have met some pizzas that are better than others. I mean, I could eat pizza for every meal of every day for the rest of my life and be totally satisfied. The great thing about this country is that no matter where you go you can always find a place that makes a good pie. So, for your enjoyment, here’s my top shelf for pizza joints you can find just about anywhere.

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California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen Photo Credit:

If you’re into weird pizza topping combos this is probably the one for you. Pies from this joint come a little pricier than most of the others on this list, but you can trust that they’re going to bring it when it comes to the volume and quality of all their crazy toppings.


Papa John’s

Papa John’s Photo Credit:

I have to be in a certain mood for Papa John’s, but when I am, I dominate the Papa’s recipe. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny, no one does cheesy breadsticks like him. I almost like the breadstick/garlic dip combo more than I like the pizza. Individual garlic dip cups in every pizza box is pretty darn good idea too.


Godfather’s Pizza

Godfather’s Pizza Photo Credit: michiexile

Meet the greasiest pie on this list; maybe the greasiest pie I’ve ever encountered. If might be bad for you, but no way is it bad for the taste buds. Their pizza is great, but the real cherry on top of their menu is the dessert pizza. Roasted cinnamon crumbs and fried apples under icing…my mouth is watering as I type.


Old Chicago Pizza

Old Chicago Pizza Photo Credit:wienbob

This joint is more on the level of the California Pizza Kitchen, but the menu is way less crazy. Their pizzas are much more straightforward with the exception of the Chicago Deep Dish, but how can they not offer that? I mean, really? Their double pepperoni pizza is my favorite, but the stuffed pepperoni rolls appetizer may be the most delicious item on the menu. They roll pepperoni, ranch, and cheese into little mini pizza rolls. Wow.



Domino’s Photo Credit:

Until Domino’s changed their recipe last year, they were at the absolute bottom of my chain pizza list, but whatever they did WORKED big time. I’m still not a big fan of their thin crust pizza, but that goes for me on just about every thin crust I’ve ever had. I’m just a straight-up hand tossed pepperoni with extra cheese kind of guy. Who knew adding some garlic spice to the crust and sweetening the sauce would bring this joint out of the slump. Now if they could just bring 5 for $5 back…


Little Caesar’s

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Home of the $5 Hot-N-Ready carry out special. It’s cheap, delicious, and you never, ever, have to wait, or even order your pizza; it’s just always there. How do you beat that? I don’t know either. You can’t even get McDonald’s that cheap anymore and the pizza will last two or three meals. I can’t get Little Caesar’s without scooping up some of the marinara sauce to go along with the pizza, and let’s not forget that delicious, delicious crazy bread...yum.


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Photo Credit:

Definitely the best of the nationwide pizza chains for one reason, and one reason only: stuffed crust pizza. If I were a songwriter, I would write ballads to this pie. It really is perfect. I wish I could just shake the hand of the guy who first decided, “Hey, lets inject some cheese into the middle of this pizza crust.” GENIUS! Pizza Hut has taken the most boring part of the most amazing food ever and arguably made it the best part. Whether you eat it crust first or you wait until the end and tear the cheese tube out of the middle, you have to admit, Pizza Hut knows what’s up. Whether you’re a fan of the Hot-N-Nasty, the stuffed crust, or something in between, you’ve got to admit, the Ninja Turtles were definitely onto something with pizza. Which joint is your absolute favorite?

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