8 Famous Chocolate Brands ...


8 Famous Chocolate Brands ...
8 Famous Chocolate Brands ...

The world is full of chocolate lovers and this list of famous chocolate brands is just for them. The goodness of chocolate is not just restricted to its fabulous taste and creamy texture; it is also a healthy and nutritious food, if eaten in moderation. It contains vital antioxidants that fight the harmful effects of free radicals in our bodies. Here are 7 famous chocolate brands to try.

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Lindt and Spugli Chocolates

Lindt and Spugli is a premium chocolate and confectionery company from the land of chocolates: Switzerland. Some of the most popular chocolates from this brand that are beloved around the world include Lindor, Gold Bunny and Snowmen. The quality and taste of Lindt and Spugli chocolates are unparalleled.


Indulging in the smooth, rich flavors of Lindor truffles, with their signature melting centers, is a must for any chocolate connoisseur. During the holidays, the Gold Bunny and festively-shaped Snowmen become delightful treats that double as charming gifts. Lindt & Sprüngli not only offers these classics, but also boasts an impressive variety of flavours and textures, including high-cocoa dark chocolates and artistic pralines that offer a sophisticated palette of tastes. They've truly mastered the art of turning cocoa beans into ethereal chocolate experiences.



Ghirardelli is actually a U.S. division of Lindt and Spugli chocolates, but is still a brand in its own right, na din fact, it started as its own brand. This brand is known for its penchant for quality. It is common knowledge that it rejects over 40% of cocoa beans shipped to it because they don't meet Ghirardelli's high quality standards.


Ghirardelli is a popular chocolate brand that originated in the United States and is now a division of Lindt and Spugli chocolates. It was founded in 1852 by Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli and has since become known for its high-quality products. In fact, Ghirardelli is so committed to quality that it rejects over 40% of the cocoa beans that are shipped to them. This dedication to excellence has earned Ghirardelli a loyal following of chocolate lovers who appreciate the brand's commitment to using only the best ingredients. Ghirardelli also offers a wide range of products, from classic chocolate bars to indulgent hot cocoa mixes, making it a go-to brand for any chocolate craving.


Ferrero Rocher

This is perhaps one of the more recognizable of the famous chocolate brands, especially because of its characteristic round shape. Made by Italian chocolate company Ferrero Spa, its traditional flavor has been hazelnut. Other flavors that have introduced include dark chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, coconut and lemon.



Thorntons is a British chocolate company. One of its products, a rich and chewy toffee, became so popular, it was the mainstay of Britain’s steel workers. Thorntons is well known for both its dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate. It is also popular for creating new and unique flavors by blending and harmonizing different ingredients.


Thorntons is a British chocolate company that was founded in 1911 by Joseph William Thornton. Thorntons is well-known for its toffee, which became a mainstay of British steel workers. The company is also popular for its dark chocolate and milk chocolate products, as well as its unique flavor combinations. In addition to traditional chocolates, Thorntons also produces a variety of other sweets, such as fudge, truffles, and other confectioneries. Thorntons is committed to using high-quality ingredients, such as cocoa beans from Ghana, to ensure the best possible product. The company also uses sustainable cocoa farming practices to protect the environment. Thorntons is a popular brand in the UK and is widely available in supermarkets, convenience stores, and online.



There is no doubt that Hershey’s is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the U.S. It is the oldest chocolate company in the country and is named after the town in which it was founded. The most famous Hershey’s product is the Hershey’s Kisses, and they're now available around the world. The other most popular Hershey’s product is Symphony which is less sweet and creamier.



Guylian comes from the other country that is very famous for chocolate making – Belgium. These chocolates are rich and sinful. One of the most popular Guylian products is chocolate Sea Shells that are filled with the goodness of praline. The chocolate is velvety in its smoothness and tends to melt in your mouth.


Guylian chocolates are made from the finest ingredients, including cocoa beans from West Africa and the Caribbean, sugar from the Americas, and milk from Europe. Guylian's signature Sea Shells are made from a blend of hazelnut paste and rich dark chocolate. The result is a smooth and creamy praline filling encased in a delicate, thin layer of chocolate. Guylian chocolates are also available in a variety of other flavors, such as caramel, almond, and milk chocolate. Guylian chocolates are known for their exquisite taste and luxurious packaging, making them the perfect gift for any special occasion.



Godiva is another Belgian chocolate brand that has a following across the world. This brand offers a wide assortment of chocolates in unique flavors. Apart from offering milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate, it also adds ingredients like nuts, caramel and praline to create new flavors. Godiva chocolates are known for their smoothness, richness and intensity.



Compartés is a groundbreaking chocolate brand that has been at the forefront of innovation and creativity since 1950. The company's focus on chocolate, art, style, design, and fashion is a unique blend that sets it apart from others. Made by a small team of devoted chocolatiers and artists, Compartés has garnered a perfect score from Bon Appétit and is the go-to choice for celebrities like Oprah and Oprah herself when it comes to chocolate gifts. 

Its hand-designed collection of over 100 award-winning chocolate bars has even been featured in the Smithsonian Museum for its stunning packaging. Compartés takes chocolate to new heights, transforming familiar flavors into gourmet indulgences.

Now that you have a list of the world’s top famous chocolate brands, go ahead and treat yourself to your favorite brand from the list. Most of these brands can easily be ordered on the Internet, if they are not available in your vicinity. Which is your favorite? Or do you have a chocolate brand you would add to my list?

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Thanks everyone. I got on to Sees when I was visiting CA. Wonderful Chocolate!!

what about Cadbrury's ?

Nothing beats Guylian and Godiva!

I must say my favorite chocolate is Lindt and Ferrero Rocher.


Lindor is the best

Thanks for kind of information you sharing. Raani Chocolatier - Manufacturing Luxury Home Chocolates in Chennai

what about cadbury?

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