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Telling a serious chocolate junkie (who also happens to be an always puzzled Libra) she must name her top 7 chocolate bars is nothing less than a declaration of war. I mean, I could tell you my top 7 Louboutin picks right now but chocolate bars… oh that’s a whole different story! Now, our taste in sweets may and may not differ but there are always those chocolates whose fame and popularity we must acknowledge. So, without further delay, I bring to you top 7 chocolate bars!

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Mmmm, nougat core, top caramel layer and a chocolate finish- who could say no to this delicious treat? Don’t look at me. In fact, you have better chances of hearing me saying “No” to Vin Diesel (not that I’ll ever be in that position and might I just add, “Thank God!”). Oh, and what about those teeny tiny Mars bars?! I could eat three bags of those and still ask for more! But here’s an interesting fact – Did you know that Mars bar was invented in 1937?!


Kit Kat

Wafers… Umm… Well, I don’t really like those and that is no secret. But Kit Kat, now that tasty chocolate bar is a whole different story and it is one of a very few forms of wafers I could eat and actually say and mean “yum”. Perfect amount of crunchiness and a perfect dose of chocolate, Kit Kat is available in 3 different versions – classic, white chocolate and peanut butter and, oh, did I mention that I LOVE ‘em all?


Hershey Bar

Could anyone mail me one? Seriously, I’ve been looking all over for this one and I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out on a lot. This is, after all, the oldest and the best selling chocolate bar in America! I will include it in my list of top 7 chocolate bars simply because it’s so famous and I’m leaving it to you chocolate-lovers to tell me more about it.



Now, I’m not sure how much of a peanut-lover you are but Snickers is definitely on my list of top 7 chocolate bars! In fact, this might be the only chocolate bar I’d choose over Mars! I like both the crunchy and the classic, peanut version although this last one is still my first choice.


Milky Way

This tiny chocolate bar can’t satisfy all my cravings but it’s sure tasty enough to end up on the list of top 7 chocolate bars. Soft, milky and too-tasty-to-eat-just-one, Milky Way became a new addition to the big and equally tasty Mars family back in 1932 and the fact that it has remained popular up to this date pretty much says it all.



Not really a standard chocolate bar but a very good way to satisfy your cravings on the go, Maltesers are undoubtedly one of my favorite sweet snacks. Crunchy, nougaty, yummy –the only problem is the fact that they literally disappear in the speed of light!



Okay, you girls, tell me you don’t like Toblerone! My sister is like the pickiest person on this world and even she loves this chocolate bar. Interesting triangle shape and those tasty chewy white clumps (I have no idea what they are!)…mmmm! Toblerone is basically a standard chocolate packed in a way that would allow you to enjoy your favorite sweet anywhere. Hurray!

Would you second this list of top 7 chocolate bars or you believe I’ve missed a few really good ones? What about Twix? People seem to love that one very much.

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can someone mail me a mars bar? i can't get them in america *sniff*

Love Snickers....but Twix didnt make your list!

Kit Kat....I just love it!!

Sarris Chocolate in Canonsburg, PA has The. Best. Chocolate. Bars. In. The. Universe. Seriously. For real. Order one. Like today. And experience chocolately nirvana! I don't work for them or anything, but if the Willy Wonka Chocolate River was made of this stuff, I would've followed Augustus right on into it. Just sayin'.

i dnt think so... its yummy and best chocolate... it 's soso

candy bars shouldn't be called chocolate bars. not the same.

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