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5 Things to Delight Your Taste Buds ...

By Meream

1 Recovery Smoothie

Recovery, you wonder? This one is for runners who want to be re-energized after working out. This calls for three types of fruits and it spells Y-U-M.

2 Peanut Butter Maple Walnut Oat Clusters

Leia posted a recipe for bite-sized delights that I simply want to try. I loooove peanut butter and I bet these taste like heaven.

3 Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Courtesy of The Chic Brûlée, this recipe will also give you bite-sized goodies of a classic. Baking is a complicated task for me; for those who enjoy it, take a look at this recipe.

4 Nutella and Banana Smoothie

Nutella and banana in one easy-to-make smoothie? Yes, please! You can also add fruits to make this smoothie taste even yummier.

5 the Buonasola

Is this your favorite summer cocktail? If it is and you want to know how to make it, head on over to Coco + Kelley for the recipe.

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