7 Tasty Snacks That Won't Pile on the Pounds ...


7 Tasty Snacks That Won't Pile on the Pounds ...
7 Tasty Snacks That Won't Pile on the Pounds ...

If you’re dieting, ladies, then you know that snacking can be a real problem. While everyone else around you simply reaches for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps, you’re left picking your way through a lettuce salad, and, unsurprisingly, this doesn’t leave you feeling great. In order to avoid those sensations of jealous rage whenever your friends are tucking into delicious treats, I’ve put together a list of healthy snacks that are satisfying and don’t taste terrible.

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Olives A craving for salt is very common among dieters but, unfortunately, almost all foods with added salt are pretty fattening. Instead of breaking your healthy eating rules and grabbing a packet of crisps, pack a few olives into your lunch. They make a tasty mid-afternoon snack and are naturally salty so they’ll satisfy that craving.



Sushi On a diet, you can get away with about 6 pieces of maki with no mayo and taken with light soy sauce. Sushi is a delicious, light and wheat-free lunchtime meal, and made with tuna or salmon, it’s packed full of omega fatty acids and necessary proteins. If you’re keen on sashimi, you can pile your plate with a whole lot more since without the rice, sushi makes an even more effective slimming snack.



Popcorn Contrary to popular belief, popcorn actually has a low glycemic index (or GI), which means it takes a long time for your body to break it down. It won’t give you the same intense energy kick-and-crash effect that you get after you’ve eaten crisps, and it tastes just a good as its potato-ey snack-relatives. Don’t overload your popcorn with salt, however, as this will counteract the health benefits.


Jacket Sweet Potatoes

Jacket Sweet Potatoes As I’ve mentioned, potatoes have a high glycemic index which means they’re easily broken down in the body and deliver energy in an intense burst which won’t last long. Because of this, foods with a low GI leave us unsatisfied after a short time. Sweet potatoes have a low GI, and so they’re great for keeping us going over long periods without crashing and craving. They can be baked like ordinary potatoes and filled with a variety of tasty fillings. Stay away from the marshmallows and sugar options though: they’re not really diet food.


Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit I know this one sounds a little boring, but dried fruit is actually pretty tasty. The drying process causes flavours to intensify and textures to change and, trust me girls, this is not a bad thing. It makes a great mid morning or afternoon snack because it’s high in fructose which gives us energy but it won’t pile on the pounds. I recommend dried mango or apricot: healthy and delicious.


Smoked Salmon and Rocket on Rye

Smoked Salmon and Rocket on Rye This delicious lunch time sandwich is low in fat, packet with nutrients, and also out-of-this-world tasty. You can afford to be liberal with the salmon, ladies, it’s super-good for you! Add a squeeze fresh lemon juice and a little zest for flavour. This is one snack you cannot complain about!


Seasoned Avo

Seasoned Avo Get yourself a fresh avocado, cut it in half, sprinkle with the seasoning salt of your choice and tuck in. What could be easier girls? It’s all natural, it’s oh-so good for you and it’ll keep your energy levels up between meals.

What healthy snacks do you ladies like to nibble on? Got any suggestions to add?

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Miso soup is great. And so are carrots.

Sorry, it's me again. I need to just take issue with the inclusion of avocado too. Yes it's fabulously healthy but it's also highly calorific. If you "snack" on half an avocado you have used one eighth of your recommend calorie intake for a day. Avocados are great as the basis of a lunch or a healthy dinner salad but this is definitely a snack that will pile on the pounds.

I like to think that you can fit almost any food into your diet. As long as you're not gorging on chips or ice cream!

Actually, dried fruit isn't that great for you. Regular fruit is good for you, but when you eat dried fruit, it's smaller, so you're eating more, and it's got more calories. Fresh fruit is always better. Though dried is convenient.

Hi Sorry - I wasn't being snarky. I just think that popcorn doesn't make a very good snack - maybe it's a personal thing but I find popcorn is addictive and therefore if you are trying to avoid temptation it doesn't really fit the bill as you could end up far more than is good for you.

popcorn is for me...

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