7 Tasty Snacks That Won't Pile on the Pounds ...

If you’re dieting, ladies, then you know that snacking can be a real problem. While everyone else around you simply reaches for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps, you’re left picking your way through a lettuce salad, and, unsurprisingly, this doesn’t leave you feeling great. In order to avoid those sensations of jealous rage whenever your friends are tucking into delicious treats, I’ve put together a list of healthy snacks that are satisfying and don’t taste terrible.

1. Olives

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A craving for salt is very common among dieters but, unfortunately, almost all foods with added salt are pretty fattening. Instead of breaking your healthy eating rules and grabbing a packet of crisps, pack a few olives into your lunch. They make a tasty mid-afternoon snack and are naturally salty so they’ll satisfy that craving.

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