Top 7 US Cities for Single Women ...


Top 7 US Cities for Single Women ...
Top 7 US Cities for Single Women ...

If your job needs you to move around, you need to know which are the best cities for single women in the US. The list that follows offers some exciting destination choices to further your career, enhance your education, find affordable housing and maybe even meet the love of your life. So before you take that job transfer see if your new home will be in any of cities mentioned in the list that follows:

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Boston Photo Credit: Manu_H

Boston tops the list as the one of the best cities for single women. Firstly it has not been as impacted by the recession as other cities in the US, its employment level is two points lower than the national average. Secondly, housing is surprisingly less expensive than the other metros on the East Coast. This combination of cheap living expenses and fat salaries make it an ideal location for the single woman looking for a comfortable life.


Washington DC

Washington DC Photo Credit: Russ Sprague

Want a touch of glamour in your daily life, move to Washington DC. A city bursting with foreign dignitaries and international political workers, you are sure to find something and someone exotic. You can enjoy a lucrative career working for the government and if that doesn’t suit you, try any of the other hundreds of companies hiring in the capital.


New York

Photo Credit:

Think New York and think Sex and the City. The show has forever immortalized the island as one of the best cities for single women and to be fair, it sure is. Nowhere else can you find an eclectic mix of culture, fashion, the arts and professional life. Everyone wants to visit New York so if you are one of the lucky few actually living there, enjoy it for as long as you can.



Seattle Photo Credit: vincos

If you’re headed for the west coast, then Seattle should be your first choice. The city is charming and relatively cheaper than other metropolitan cities. Plus if you’re into hiking and other outdoorsy activities, Seattle is home to some of the most beautiful and lush evergreen forests on the west coast.



Philadelphia Photo Credit: vergo1220

The charming city of Philly also finds a space on the list of best cities for single women. It is remarkably cheaper to live compared to big cities like New York, almost 45% less costly. Plus almost every industry is well represented here so you can have excellent job prospects no matter what your chosen line.



Phoenix Photo Credit: hanneorla

If you need to head to the south west, then there can be only one destination for you. Phoenix, with its warm summers and mild winters, provides year round excellent weather, ideal for a woman who doesn’t care for extremities. A number of Fortune 1000 companies have a presence here and what makes it particularly charming is the large amount of Native American influences.



Denver Photo Credit: ab_14asos

Want to live in a lovely little house overlooking the majestic Rocky Mountains, move to Denver. This Texas city finishes our list of best cities for single women with its outdoorsy feel and strong industry representation. 30% of the population is single so if you move to Denver, it’s statistically easier to meet someone new.

That concludes our list of the top 7 US cities for single women. Whatever your choice among these places or any others, all you need a strong spirit of adventure and an independent mindset. Armed with this, you’ll fit in anywhere.

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But I also love NY!

Seattle is on the West coast...the very West coast. Haha

Ps I thought Denver was in Colorado.

I love small towns like Biloxi mississipi:) I visit there everyyear and it's fabulous and not even hick like you would imagine. They have indoor plumbing and speak regular English. They have a low pressure life style and it's a nice change of pace

I want to experience New York City, for a few months atleast!(^_^)

Denver? In Texas??? hmmmm.....

Being a fan of Sex and the City makes me want to live in New York since i started to watch the series years and years ago.

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