8 Top Dating Websites ...


8 Top Dating Websites ...
8 Top Dating Websites ...

Internet dating has come a long, long way. It's no longer considered this taboo, secret, shameful thing to meet someone on the internet. You don't have to feel naff about looking through online personals or, gasp! Checking out dating sites on the internet. People do it every day – and now people really are getting married from it. If you need to spice up your dating life and meet new people, maybe taking a look at these 8 top dating websites will help you.

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eHarmony ranks number one on a lot of lists. The big thing about them is that they match on compatibility, of course, using a questionnaire that covers lots of details. The contact between potential mates is tightly controlled, which may be helpful because you can make sure the guy or girl you're talking to isn't just frankly after an easy lay or something.



Match.com is also hugely popular. Although it began in 1995, it didn't really pick up steam and find its niche until a few years ago. You have to pay, of course, but it seems to work. Lots of users provide high recommendations – and I mean real people, as opposed to the “couples” you see on the commercials for this site and others.



Chemistry.com is considered a sister site to Match.com, except it addresses the controversy that plagued other dating sites pretty frequently. In other words, just because you have an alternative lifestyle, you won't get rejected from the site. Again, a questionnaire is designed to help people learn as much as possible about each other, and they are matched based on personality rather than looks.



PerfectMatch is another favorite, in part because its personality analysis is completely free. It has a compatibility system as well, to make sure that your “perfect match” is actually built on something real. That's one way dating sites have changed: they no longer rely on looks and outward appearances – unless, of course, that's what you want in the first place.



Spark.com has been around for a pretty long time as well – nearly 15 years now. This site is meant mainly for professionals who simply don't have the time to go out and immerse themselves in the dating scene. It specializes in time saving maneuvers, which may or may not be good. One positive note is that anyone is welcome, whether they are straight, gay, single, or separated.



I know, I know, but the fact of the matter is, this is what some people want – and there's nothing wrong with that. In a way it's good, because they're being honest about it up front. You know, if someone is signed up with this site or one like it, that he or she isn't looking for a long term relationship but instead wants something casual and, most likely, physical.



People like Date.com because it's mainly free, and even if you want to meet someone very badly, a lot of people don't want to pay membership fees and the like. This one is better than most because it, too, is a sort of sister site to Match.com. The good news is that the members of Date.com caters mainly to young professionals as well.



Finally, there's Matchmaker.com, which is also free. It's kind of a niche site, in that it's primarily meant for people who are older than 35, and who ultimately want to get married. Again, what's great about that is, you know what the other members want going into it. The members are typically not interested in casual flings, so you know you can find something more serious.

There's definitely no reason to be ashamed about joining a dating site any longer. Just about everyone has tried it at least once. Have you ever dated someone you met online?

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What about okCupid? Thats a great free site, even if their user base is smaller. I found my boyfriend using that site :)

Dating is not that simple nowdays. People of today does not base their relationship on trust. Without trust there js nothing.

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