7 Little Known Conversational Tips for a Successful Date ...


7 Little Known Conversational Tips for a Successful Date ...
7 Little Known Conversational Tips for a Successful Date ...

How many times have you been on a date that somehow took a wrong turn? The bragging, bad jokes, generic compliments that were more irritating than flattering and forced “good weather-bad weather” conversations that seemed to go on forever… But, wait! Maybe it had nothing to do with your date, maybe you are the one who messed up? Well, here’s 7 little known conversational tips for a successful date to help both you and your date have a great time and get to know each other better:

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Talk about the Other Person

This might not be one of those little known conversational tips for a successful date, although it sure is a useful one. Why am I mentioning it here? Simply because most people tend to brag hoping that will earn them a second date! Well, if you really want your date to go well, listening just might be a better option. We all want to be the center of attention and, if you actually manage to put your date’s needs in front of your own, he/she will be genuinely impressed and flattered.


Share the “not so Intimate” Intimate Details

Talking about the “weather” might sound like a good idea when you’re nervous, out of ideas or don’t know your date well. Right? Well, don’t! Neutral topics can get rather boring after some time so I strongly suggest sharing some personal details instead. Don’t go too personal as that may scare your date but definitely share some of the latest funny mishaps or interesting events and ask your date if he/she had ever seen/done/experienced something like that. This will give the conversation a funny note, plus it’s a very smooth way to change the subject and get to know each other better.


Notice, Remember, Mention

Notice and remember things like outfit he/she wore last time you’ve seen each other or small details from your previous conversation/text messages. Next time you see each other, try to work that into your conversation. This is definitely one of my favorite little known conversation tips for a successful date and a thing I always notice. Don’t be selfish and self centered, show your date that you’re a good listener and somebody who’s very interested in what he/she has to say.


Ask for Explanations

Ask questions that require extensive answers! This trusted and tried out trick works like a charm and doesn’t only help the conversation go on but makes your date feel like he/she is the center of your universe. Now, I know talking about things different than you might not be your idea of a good time, but this is one of those little known conversational tips for a successful date you’ll wish somebody had told you before.


Say Your Date’s Name

People like to hear their names and repeating your date’s name a few times during the conversation gives him/her the feeling you’re focusing on him/her only. Women especially enjoy this although men aren’t immune to this gesture either so make sure you remember your date’s name and use it wisely and liberally.


Agree to Disagree

You don’t always have to agree with her/him on what he/she says so don’t even try! We all like people with the same opinions although even that gets kind of tiring after a while. So never and I repeat never agree on everything just because you think that’s something he or she would love to hear. Express you disagreement, state your reasons and don’t worry – you don’t have to be a 100% for the date to go prefect.


Be Unique

Try to think of a list of questions that are interesting, totally original and maybe even just a tad bit provocative. This is probably the strangest one of all little known conversational tips for a successful date but it’s also one of the most efficient ones. Interesting, engaging conversation that keeps him/her on the edge is something everybody loves and as long as you make sure your unique questions are not too personal and insulting, you can count on them to score you a second date.

Do you know of some more little known conversational tips for a successful date? Some say teasing your date is also a good way to keep things interesting although I have to disagree and state this is a very tricky tactics that can easily backfire.

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uhh is there an example for "asking questions that require extensive answers" :/

The problem with me is that i'm too quiet and shy on dates that lead them not call me back! It's so unfair but i am a quiet , shy girl by nature and find it hard to keep talking. Also i run out of things to ask about so i let the guy do the talking then and i seem to make no effort in the end i feel ingorant but i'm not! I'm just not much of a talker. Any tips to get guys to understand this?

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