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Share Your Funny Dating Story and WIN

By Lyndsie

Let’s face it — not every first date can be perfect. In fact, some of them can go terribly, hilariously wrong! Share the story of your funniest first-date-gone-wrong here, and you could win a free signed copy of “Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps,” a memoir written by our own AWS contributor, Jennifer!

In “Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps,” Jennifer shares short stories of some of the men she’s dated, from the super-nice guys to the complete weirdos and everyone in between… which makes us want to hear more funny dating stories! Tell us about the craziest first date you had, or the one that went all wrong, but still got you the guy of your dreams. Or tell us about the best or worst place you’ve ever met a guy — we know you have loads of great stories to tell, so share them now! One lucky girl in the States will win a free signed copy of “Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps,” or a digital copy for her Kindle.

Come on ladies! Let’s hear those stories! And don't forget to visit the Facebook page for "Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps" and click "Like" so you can stay in the loop!

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