Share Your Funny Dating Story and WIN


Share Your Funny Dating Story and WIN
Share Your Funny Dating Story and WIN

Let’s face it β€” not every first date can be perfect. In fact, some of them can go terribly, hilariously wrong! Share the story of your funniest first-date-gone-wrong here, and you could win a free signed copy of β€œNice Guys, Freaks & Creeps,” a memoir written by our own AWS contributor, Jennifer!

In β€œNice Guys, Freaks & Creeps,” Jennifer shares short stories of some of the men she’s dated, from the super-nice guys to the complete weirdos and everyone in between… which makes us want to hear more funny dating stories! Tell us about the craziest first date you had, or the one that went all wrong, but still got you the guy of your dreams. Or tell us about the best or worst place you’ve ever met a guy β€” we know you have loads of great stories to tell, so share them now! One lucky girl in the States will win a free signed copy of β€œNice Guys, Freaks & Creeps,” or a digital copy for her Kindle.

Come on ladies! Let’s hear those stories! And don't forget to visit the Facebook page for "Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps" and click "Like" so you can stay in the loop!

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The first time I went out with my husband was rather memorable. A group of us went to a bar to see a band we all liked. We weren't officially dating yet (although when he tells the story it was our first date) but I was seriously crushing on him. I'm completely awkward in social situations and don't really drink alcohol all that much, but I decided to have a cocktail to calm my nerves, and since I was at the bar I bought him a shot. He in turn bought me one, then another, then another, then another, then another. I may have had a tad too much to drink and was feeling rather ill. So I went to the ladies room where I spent the entire evening, sitting in the bathroom stall getting sick. After what seemed like days one of my friends came and got me to tell me that the cab had arrived to take us home. My crush was very sweet and spent the ride home comforting me and rubbing my back, even after I threw up a little on his brand new shoes (which he had bought that day). Once we got back to my friends house (where I was crashing for the night) he stayed up all night taking care of me, which I really didn't deserve. Thankfully he wasn't disgusted by me and found my lack of tolerance for alcohol endearing because a year later we were married, and have been for 8 years now.

Well, in my days as a NYC single, I've had lots of crazy dates. One guy in particular invited me to his home for brunch. Which seemed like a really sweet invitation. I was greeted to a mini-buffet style meal with muffins, eggs and fruit. Things were going really well when all of a sudden the doorbell rings. He goes over to peak out the window & then turns to me as serious as could be and says "could you go hide downstairs please?" I didn't really understand how to register what he was saying to me, as he began to push me down the stairs with my purse. I asked if it was his wife, to which he replied "no it's my mom".....I decided any guy who would hide me from his mom wasn't worth the free eggs, turned around, opened the front door - said hello to his mother, got in my car & drove home....we never spoke again!

Kellie and Jenina, both of your stories are marvelous (sweet, then creep), but even though I'm a romantic, I have to choose Jenina's story... I'll be contacting you to get your shipping info... thanks for sharing your stories, ladies!

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