8 Ways to Calm the Nerves before the First Date ...


8 Ways to Calm the Nerves before the First Date ...
8 Ways to Calm the Nerves before the First Date ...

Dating can be a nerve-racking experience. I’ve heard horror stories from friends who went on a date and were so nervous that the entire night turned out to be an excruciating event. From throwing up on their date to falling flat on their face in the parking lot, they each attributed their embarrassing evening to frazzled nerves. I’m sure you’d rather remember your date night filled with happy moments, not embarrassing ones, so here are 8 ways to calm the nerves before the first date.

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Talk to Your Date over the Phone

A good way to be less nervous about a first date with someone is to get to know the person a bit more. Of course, most first dates are had because someone wants to get to know someone else, but there’s no harm in chatting a bit over the phone before actually going on the date.


Go to the Gym

Running on the treadmill for 15 or 20 minutes can work your muscles and take your mind off of the date coming up later in the evening. You might even catch an old friend there whom you can swap entertaining stories with. Working out might help you to become more relaxed as well, which tends to ease the nerves too.


Put on the Comedy Channel

I find laughing helps me calm down a lot when I’m nervous about something. If you still have things to do around the house, such as get ready for your date, then you can turn up the television and listen to the comedy act. You might find out later that the comedian you listened to is one your date also enjoys. This might be the perfect segue to a discussion on things you both have in common.


Listen to a Favorite Album

Music always changes my mood as soon as I start listening to it. I have certain albums for boosting my energy level, helping me relax, and even ones that put me to sleep. I’m sure you have specific songs that get you pumped up and ready for whatever may come. Listen to something that gets you ready for an enjoyable night and will take your mind off of being nervous.


Sit Quietly and Read

You don’t have to pick up the novel you’ve been reading, unless you are truly looking forward to finishing a few more pages. I find magazines give me a lot more to look at and read. They are generally filled with interesting pictures, informative articles, and they are great for taking my mind off of whatever I’m worried about. If you are one who can become fully absorbed in the paperback book you’re reading, then you might prefer this over a magazine. It’s up to you!


Take a Walk

Head out for a stroll by yourself or take a companion along. My dog always keeps me entertained when we go for a walk. She’s great at making me laugh the way she bounds into the woods like a deer whenever she hears a noise. Maybe you could invite a friend along when you take a walk so you have someone to talk to about your upcoming date.


Watch a Funny Movie

I can think of at least 2 movies that make me laugh and help me forget I’m feeling uneasy about something coming up. I’m sure you have one you can quote by heart too. You might put the movie on and listen to it as you get ready for the evening. The best part about having a funny movie you’ve watched hundreds of times is when you start to laugh because you know what’s going to happen next. You don’t even have to be watching it because listening to it has the same exhilarating effect on you.


Call a Friend

There’s always that one friend who’s able to cheer you up or give you the boost you need to ease any nervous feeling present. This friend will tell you exactly what you need to hear to make your first date jitters go right out the window.

I’m sure one of these 8 ways to calm the nerves before the first date will come in useful to you. If you already have a technique that worked for you in the past, please share it! I’m sure there are plenty of tips people can offer to help out someone who is going on a date for the first time. What advice have you been given to calm your nerves on a first date?

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