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Your “gut” is telling you something you’re not quite ready to hear? A friend keeps giving you well intended warning signals? Well, you might be dealing with a cheater and there are ways to catch him cheating on you! They aren’t pretty and some of them are even downright sneaky but, if you need solid proof and don’t mind violating his privacy to get it, here are 8 ways to catch him cheating on you:

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Use Modern Technology

There are many technologically advanced ways to catch him cheating on you, the most effective ones being, of course, checking his whereabouts by tracking the GPS signal of his phone or installing a small program that will help you monitor things that are going on online. I’m not really a fan of those so I won’t mention any names… Hope that’s okay with you.


Remember, though, using technology has its ethical boundaries. Before diving into cyber-sleuthing, consider the legal implications and respect for privacy. While having a hunch is natural, trusting your partner is the foundation of a relationship. If there are glaring red flags prompting you to take this step, it might be time for an honest conversation instead. Peering into his virtual activities should be a last resort, and even then, it’s best to proceed with caution to avoid breaking any trust that might remain.


Check His Pockets

Check his pockets for receipts and other items that might seem suspicious. Like a hairclip or a bobby pin that doesn’t belong to you. “The other woman” will want to leave signs of her presence, that’s for sure and being a woman, she knows a simple bobby pin won’t be obvious enough for him to hide it but it will reveal a lot to you. “Elementary, my dear professor!” This might be an old one but many people say it’s one of the most efficient ways to catch him cheating on you.


Smell Him

Your nose could help you smell a cheater too! Female perfume, scent of nicotine on a non-smoker living and working in a non-smoking environment, smelling like food in times when he should have been in a place where such scents can’t be picked up … you name it. He’ll probably have a good excuse (if he’s really cheating) or tell you the truth (if he’s not). How will you know? Well, there are three options: a) you’ll desperately need proof of his cheating and interpret either one of these answers as cheating, b) rely on his body language to do the talking and c) trust him.


Keep Your Eyes Open for Suspicious Behavior

Okay, let me be straight with you now and please but please, don’t take it the wrong way – for a paranoid person, everything looks suspicious. However, I do believe ladies reading this are normal, rational and down to earth gals who just want a chance to look him in the eyes and say, “I’m leaving you because I KNOW you’re cheating on me” But let’s focus on that suspicious behavior, shall we? Is his phone conveniently off in certain times of the day? How about his work – has he been working a lot overtime lately? Sudden changes of style, perhaps? Maybe a brand new cologne or new underwear, when you know for a fact he’s not very keen on changing either one of those so often? Hmm…


Start Videotaping

Get a tiny camera, hide it somewhere (preferably the bedroom) and you’ll soon be able to see what’s going on when you’re not around. Yes, it is sneaky and, if you ask me, I’d rather dump the potentially cheating SOB than spend my time, money and sanity on trying to have it all black in white. However, I know plenty of people who’d prefer to see some hard evidence first and well… I guess, evidence just don’t get any harder than this.


Show up when He’s Not Expecting You

Drop in on him at work or, if you’re not living together, drop by to his apartment. Yup, you know the story – you just happened to be in the neighborhood and decided to stop by. You might actually catch him cheating or at least get the chance to see if he liked your surprise. If he’s genuinely pleased, you have nothing to worry about, girlfriend! But, if he seems scared, nervous and even a bit mad… well, that’s certainly not a good sign.


Test His Security Levels

Some say the best of all ways to catch him cheating on you is to check his personal tech and that is generally quite easy (although in my opinion very bad). The problem occurs when he tries to keep that away from you. Now, that’s when we all get suspicious. I’d never try to check my fiancée’s phone or facebook , in fact, I’m the one who showed him how to delete password and history logs. However, I’d definitely start being suspicious if he decided to lock his phone and use the “super secret” mode on me. We’d definitely have to talk about it and get to the bottom of it.


Trust Your Gut

Here’s one good, totally easy and surprisingly non-sneaky way to deal with the situation. Ask him, trust him and, if you continue on feeling like a fool, just trust your gut! If you’ve never felt this way before and now, in this relationship, you always have the feeling that there’s a lot going on behind your back – simply walk out of it and just keep walking. You’ll probably be sad, maybe even wonder if what you did was right but you’ll also feel good for being able to maintain your balance and sanity. Don’t worry, though, as everything will be revealed very soon. With you out of the picture, the “girl number two” won’t have to be hidden anymore and, when you realize you were right you’ll just laugh about it. So, keep your head high, just like you did when you were leaving.

Now, I’m curious – has any of these ways to catch him cheating actually worked for any of you? I have to add my personal advice before I wrap this post up and that is – relax and enjoy your relationship. If he’s cheating, you’ll eventually find out without having to go Sherlock Holmes on him and, in that case, you’ll actually have the right to say “I TRUSTED you”. Honestly, I’ll rather choose that option- it’s safer, more ethical and it sure won’t make me a good candidate for a restraining order. And, let’s remind ourselves one thing – guys aren’t the only ones prone to cheating! Girls cheat too!

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I was just cleaning up the wardbrobe, will just about to start and i was just drawn to his jacket and for some reason i went his pokets. i never search his stuff and what do i come across, a CONDOM! im livid right now but dont want to get too up set. im going to wait till he comes home and confront him with it. if he lies i will know ny his body language its a dead give away. Huff!!!

I been with my boyfriend for six years we nevee use comdons but I found one in his pocket what should I do

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