7 Ways to Find out with Whom He's Cheating on You ...

It started when I called his apartment one night to leave a message. He wasn’t supposed to be home and I planned to leave a sweet message for him about how much I enjoyed our weekend. I was really surprised when he answered the phone and I was shocked when I heard a girl in the background. Then the unthinkable happened… she said, “Who is it, sweetie?” He tried to cover the phone, but I heard him say, “Shhh! It’s HER!” In that moment, I officially became a girl on a mission. I had to figure out who the other woman was! It’s not that I wanted him after that (I dumped his cheating behind!), but I was dying to know what kind of woman could break up a long term relationship like we had. If you think your man is cheating, take some of my experience and put these tips to good use. Here are 7 ways to find out with whom he’s cheating on you.

1. Search His Phone

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It’s totally sneaky, but this is the quickest way to see what your man is up to. Ask to use his phone to make a call when you “forget” yours at home. Step outside to make the call and then raid his phone. Check outgoing calls, incoming calls, voicemails, texts, and anything else you can find. Be careful to do it quickly or he will get suspicious!

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