17 Body Language Signs of Flirting ...


17 Body Language Signs of Flirting ...
17 Body Language Signs of Flirting ...

Everybody enjoys flirting, and though they may not quite like to own up to that fact, you can easily spot the biggest body language signs of flirting. I honestly do not know what the big deal is. After all, everything in nature flirts – birds, bees, bison, polar bears, and apes. Flirting is an exciting ol’ fashioned way to attract someone from the opposite sex. Besides, if it wasn’t for flirting, what would we do? Go up to each other and declare, “I really dig you and would like to get into bed with you?” Uh-uh! I prefer something subtler, less direct and whole lot of more fun! And the best part about flirting is you may not even need to say a word to communicate how you feel. Here are the top 17 body language signs of flirting. If you spot them, you know that the other person is very, very, very into you.

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Eye Contact

Eye Contact It all starts with the eyes, doesn’t it? When a guy is flirting with you, he is going to try and make eye contact with you more often than others. It’s his way of conveying that he’s interested in you. Also, when talking a friend or a colleague, he may keep throwing glances your way. That’s why eye contact is one of the biggest body language signs of flirting.


Eye contact is an important part of flirting and can be used to convey a variety of messages. It can be used to show interest, to signal attraction, and to create a connection. It can also be used to show respect and to convey a sense of trust. Additionally, eye contact can be used to indicate a desire for physical contact, such as a hug or a kiss. When someone is flirting, they may also use eye contact to show a willingness to engage in conversation, to show that they are listening, and to show that they are interested in what the other person is saying.


Attempts to Catch Your Attention

Attempts to Catch Your Attention It’s pretty simple psychology – you like someone and you want their attention focused on you. That’s why he’s gonna try pulling various stunts to catch your attention. He can do this by standing apart from the crowd, wearing nice-smelling cologne, or dressing up smartly for you.


He may also use body language to try to catch your attention, such as making eye contact, smiling, leaning in, and mirroring your body language. He may also try to start a conversation with you, ask you questions, or give you compliments. He may also try to make you laugh or show off his skills in some way. All of these are signs that he is trying to get your attention and is interested in you.


The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male All guys hope to be the alpha male and if they aren’t they will pretend to act like one, probably under the impression that girls are fond of macho stuff. Whatever! Watch out for the alpha male behavior, such as putting down other guys in your presence, puffing out his chest, or a pronounced strut or swagger in his walk. That's definitely a body language sign of flirting!


The alpha male is usually characterized by being confident and assertive. He is often seen as the leader of the pack, and is usually the one who takes charge in a given situation. He is usually attractive to women, and is often seen as the one who gets the girl. While the alpha male may be attractive to women, it is important to note that he is not necessarily the most desirable partner. In fact, he may be overly aggressive or controlling, and may not be the best choice for a long-term relationship.


Arched Eyebrows While Talking to You

Arched Eyebrows While Talking to You Arched eyebrows are one of the top body language signs of flirting. When he talks with you and you notice the slightly surprised expression on his face, he is not doubting your intelligence but actually enamored by everything you are saying.


When someone arches their eyebrows while talking to you, it is usually a sign of interest and attraction. This is because arching the eyebrows is a way to express surprise and admiration. In addition, arching the eyebrows can also be a sign of openness and friendliness. It is also a sign that the person is actively listening and paying attention to what you are saying.


Steps into Your Private Space

Steps into Your Private Space A guy who is interested in you is going to constantly test waters to see how far he can take things with you. So, he’s going to start by mirroring your body language and then he’ll lean forward to show he’s paying attention to every word you are saying, Eventually, he’s going to start touching – first “accidentally,” of course, and if you show no obvious signs of revulsion, then a little more meaningfully.


This text is referring to the body language signs of flirting, which can be a great way to tell if someone is interested in you. When someone is flirting, they will often mirror your body language and lean in to show that they are paying attention to what you are saying. They may also start to touch you, first in a casual way and then possibly in a more meaningful way. It is important to pay attention to these signs, as they can help you determine if someone is interested in you or not. Additionally, it is important to remember that not everyone flirts the same way, so you should look for other signs of interest as well.


Talks to You “Differently”

Talks to You “Differently” When guys are interested in a woman, they use a “special” voice to talk to them. It’s slightly different from the ones they use with their friends or colleagues – more personal and intimate – and reserved exclusively for you!


This type of communication is known as "nonverbal communication" and is an important part of flirting. Nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, body language, gestures, and tone of voice. This type of communication can be used to indicate interest in someone, and can be a powerful way to show someone that you are interested in them. When someone is flirting with you, they may use a more intimate tone of voice and make more eye contact. They may also touch you more often and stand closer to you than they would with someone they are not interested in.



Preening Guys are pretty vain creatures, and one of the more obvious body language signs of flirting is the constant preening when around the girl they fancy. They will smooth their jeans and tee shirt, check their hairstyle, adjust the tie and take extra precaution to make sure everything about them is just right.


Preening is a common behavior seen in birds, as they will often use their beaks to clean and arrange their feathers. In humans, preening is a form of body language that is used to demonstrate attractiveness. It is often seen as a sign of flirting and can be used to show that a person is interested in another. Preening can also be used to show confidence, as the person is making sure they look their best. Other body language signs of flirting can include making eye contact, smiling, and leaning in towards the other person.


Body Facing Your Way

Body Facing Your Way When talking to girls they are interested in, guys will position their entire body to face you – head, knees, legs, and feet. In other words, it’s their way of conveying that they have eyes for no one but you.


In addition to body positioning, other signs of flirting include: making eye contact, smiling, playing with hair, laughing at jokes, touching, and leaning in to get closer. All of these behaviors show that someone is interested in another person and could be a sign of flirting.


The Head Tilt

The Head Tilt Have you ever noticed that ever-so-subtle head tilt that guys do? Experts say that a guy will tilt his head towards yours when he likes you! Even if he’s a shy guy, if you notice that head tilt, it’s a pretty safe bet that he likes you and wants to get to know you better!


The head tilt is a classic body language sign of attraction and flirting. It is common for both men and women to tilt their heads in the direction of the person they are interested in. This gesture is often accompanied by other signs of flirting such as eye contact, smiling, and leaning in close. The head tilt is a subtle sign that may be hard to spot, but it is a good indication that someone is interested in getting to know you better.


His Touch

His Touch When a guy is truly interested, he usually finds every excuse to touch you. Not in a sleazy way, but in a gentle way, such as touching your arm or brushing your hair away from your face. You might also notice that he leads your arm or hand while you’re walking and that’s his way of showing others that he’s with you!


It is important to note that physical contact is not always a sign of flirting. In some cases, it can simply be a sign of comfort or familiarity. Additionally, different cultures have different interpretations of physical contact, so it is important to be aware of the cultural context when interpreting body language. For example, in some cultures, it may be more common for people to touch each other when speaking, while in others it may be seen as a sign of disrespect.


Watch His Actions

Watch His Actions If you notice that the guy you like has started to get more animated when he talks or seems to be fidgety, it’s a good sign! It’s possible that he might be slightly nervous, but most times, men start to get fidgety when they’re around someone they like. Look for subtle cues like smoothing out his clothes, frequently touching his face or rubbing his stomach.


The body language of flirting is an important indicator of attraction. Other signs of flirting include maintaining eye contact, smiling, touching the other person, leaning in, and finding excuses to be close to the other person. Additionally, when someone is flirting, they may start to laugh more, become more animated in their conversation, and try to draw the other person out. They may also start to fidget, playing with their hair or clothing, or rubbing their stomach. All of these signs can be an indication that someone is interested in you.


His Laugh

His Laugh Most of us laugh or giggle when we see or hear something funny, but a guy who’s interested in someone will laugh much easier and will be more inclined to act silly around you. This is his way of trying to get you to notice him! Does he try to make you laugh or get you involved in conversations? He’s trying to grab and hold your attention!


Body language is one of the most important aspects of flirting. Laughing is a common sign of flirting, as it can indicate that someone is feeling comfortable and enjoying your company. A person who is interested in you may laugh more easily when you are around and may even act a bit silly in order to get your attention. They may also try to make you laugh or engage you in conversation. This is a sign that they are trying to build a connection with you and show that they are interested.


He Stares at You

He Stares at You Normally, the thought of someone staring at you might seem creepy or weird, but it also happens when a guy is falling for someone! If you catch him looking or staring at your several times, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s into you!


If someone is staring at you, it could also be a sign of attraction. Studies have shown that when someone is attracted to someone else, they tend to make more eye contact, as it is a way to show interest. Additionally, when someone stares, it could be a sign that they are trying to remember something about you, such as your name or face. This could be a sign that they are interested in getting to know you better.


He’s Always around

He’s Always around When guys are interested in someone, they usually find every opportunity to be near them. So, if you find that you seem to keep running into a certain someone or a guy keeps popping up wherever you go, it could very well be that he’s trying to find opportunities to talk to you and be around you!


This body language sign of flirting is often seen in the early stages of a relationship. When a guy is interested in someone, he will often find ways to be around them, even if it means coincidentally running into them in places they frequent. It could also be that he is making an effort to talk to them and be in their presence as much as possible. This could be a sign that he is interested in taking the relationship further.


He’s Protective of You

He’s Protective of You Most guys are gentlemen and are polite to ladies, but when a guy is interested, he’ll be protective of you. For example, he might help you navigate through a crowded room by holding your hand or walking in front of you to keep the crowd away. Things that might seem big brotherly might actually be his way of flirting!


In addition to physical signs of protection, a man who is interested in you may also be more attentive to your conversations. He may remember details from past conversations, ask questions to show he is listening, and make an effort to keep the conversation going. He may also be more likely to initiate conversations with you, and his body language will likely be more open and inviting. Additionally, he may be more likely to make eye contact with you and may even blush or smile when you make eye contact. All of these body language signs point to a man being interested in you and wanting to protect you.


He Keeps His Eyes on You

He Keeps His Eyes on You A guy who likes a girl will keep his gaze on her even if there are others around. Do girls try to flirt with him but he keeps his eyes on you? Do his friends try to engage him in conversation but he can’t stop looking at you? These are all signs that he’s more interested in you than in talking to other girls or his friends!


Body language is an important indicator when it comes to flirting. When a guy is interested in a girl, he will often keep his eyes on her even when there are other people around. His gaze will linger longer than it would with someone he is not interested in. He might also look away quickly when you catch him looking at you. This is a sign that he is trying to be discreet about his feelings. Additionally, if a guy is talking to his friends or other girls but still keeps his eyes on you, it is a sign that he finds you more interesting than anyone else in the room.


He Gets a Little Jealous

He Gets a Little Jealous Jealously normally isn’t a good quality, but if you notice that a guy gets a little annoyed or jealous when other guys talk to you, he’s probably into you! Don’t get me wrong, jealousy can get out of hand and cause problems, but if he’s trying to gauge your reaction with other guys or gets annoyed when other guys talk to you, it could be that he likes you!

So, now you know what the body language signs of flirting are. Next time you meet a guy, you can watch out for all these signs in real life and see if there isn’t some truth in what I am saying. Admit it – it’s really flattering when a great looking guy gives you all the right signals that he wants to get to know you better. However, what do you do when the guy trying to catch your attention isn’t your type? What body language are you going to use to turn him away?


The article discusses one of the body language signs of flirting, which is when a guy gets a little jealous when other guys talk to you. It suggests that this could be a sign that he likes you, but also cautions that jealousy can become a problem if it gets out of hand. The article also provides advice on what to do if the guy you are interested in isn't your type. It suggests using body language to turn him away. However, it is important to remember that everyone has different preferences and that it is important to be respectful of those preferences.

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Um, hi. I'm in 7th grade. I have a crush to a boy in my grade and he is dating one of my friend. And his older brother, which I don't really know, met me at the restaurant around school. Not on purpose. Then he said something like: there's something between you and my brother. Love, I guess. Either you like him or he like you. Then his voice of this phrase got stuck in my head. What should I do?

So I'm in 7th grade and I like this guy an he says he likes me but I'm, like, a major nerd && he's, like, WOW popular and I have a really hard time believing that he likes me!! I'm scared he's just toying with me but at the same time I'm so caught up in him since he's so amazing!! Oh, and he says he loves me.. Should I trust him or should I just come to my senses and realize that he will never TRUELY be into me??

Love this !

Hiya. So there's a guy and a couple days ago I noticed how he wasn't with his friends but he was just standing here away from everyone but more closer to me and he was flapping his neck tie around like a loser and he's adorable me and I think there's a small chance he likes me

I'm sure you guys get a boat load of comments about 'well there's this one guy *insert stereo typical crush story here*' but I'm gonna have to join. XP So . . . . I first saw him about a year ago at a school talent thing. I'd kinda seen him around before then, but not in any of my classes, just in passing. Well he played guitar and sang and I kinda wouldn't shut up about it for a while. Fast forward to this school year. We are in the same homeroom and fourth block *last block :P* and we used to be in the same chorus thing. He is also the locker next to me so we talk a lot. *Not to mention during dispersals I'm ALWAYS dispersed with him. My friend gets a kick out of that* So aparently, one day, my friend was awkwardly standing by my locker waiting for me like she usually does, though aparently the guy I like was oblivious to this. Whatever the conversation was *I think about my frequent text fails. Darn you auto correct!* It started as our conversations used to, me talking with my friends *or arguing rather loudly, which ever you prefer* and him suddenly barging into the conversation. So he was playing it off like he knew exactly what the epic text fail had been and how my freind sent it to him *even though she doesnt have his number, or else I would have his number by now*, and I said something along the lines of "Well if I had your number, maybe you could see my text fails for yourself" and we both laughed about it and went our seperate ways. Once I was gone my friend looked at me in awe before going on about how massively we were both flirting back and forth. This happens nearly daily. If not about us teasing each other *my clumsy-ness, his stupid lock that never opens, accidentally implied sex joke pointed out by friends* then we are talking about chorus, or his sports, maybe an aweful class. A few months ago, we were in this room *my teacher does tutoring with a few other teachers and such, so there were like three different classes there, but only half of each class* so we were sitting at these computer circle table things, me next to some random kid, him across from me with his bud. Suddenly, his bud looks up at me fully *this is after I've been kinda looking over at them/my crush and seeing them both whisper, look at me, whisper more, glance sneeakily-ish at me* And then said 'Hey, um, Nichole *this crushes friend, not crush* I looked up, hearing my name. 'Have you ever been kissed?' I, still startled at being confronted, and still thinking I had gotten caught looking at crush, said Nope! *which is true, I just would've been more curious if I was less dazed* He then asked me if I had Had a boyfriend or had ever been asked out, which, again, was no. Then, he looked from me, to my crush, then back to me before saying "Well, do you want one?" and glanced at my crushes now tomato red face. I stuttered horridly while turning the same shade *I'm guessing, I just know I was seriouslly blushing* before managing to get out something moderately coherant. *either maybe, or depends who, I'm not 100% sure what I said there*. Since then the locker talks still were typical and we've both caught each other looking at the other, but, I'm still not 100% sure if he likes me or not. I mean, we flirt, we look, we both remember the random bits of info from our silly locker talks that friends sometimes don't remember, but he doesn't make any forward moves. I'm thinking about maybe asking him when his next locrosse game is *he plays, and the first game was today (proud of me because I managed to compliment him, which is pretty rare since I am horrid at doing that, ironically enough) but I had some things to do plus it was an away game* OR asking him to help me with guitar. *a struggling learner plus really skilled player equals I learn to play AND get a version of a study date* plus either way I could get him to text me/get his number. So . . . basically . . . Help? Do you think he likes me? Is he gonna make a move soon? Should I make the move? OH! FYI, we are both *well, he already is, me almost* 14. Already facebook friends *as if that matters, but, to lessen my stalker-y-ish vibe, he sent the request to me first. XD* just don't have his number. Plus, if I by some miracle ask him out, and by an even BIGGER miracle he says yes, my parents don't believe people my age can "go out" yet. They think you can hang out, but not "go out". Even though, I know of about 15-20 couples in my school. Sorry about the ridiculously long comment thingy over such a simple, silly thing, but I've read tons of these articles and STILL have no idea. But, if anyone replies, THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!! <3


ha... Reading this kind of depresses me. No guy has ever shown (or said) that they liked me. I'm 19 and have never had a boyfriend, which I'm ok with, but I have also never had a guy care for me or even been interested in me. I don't know if something's wrong with me or what, but it would be nice to have a guy be flirty once in a while you know?

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