7 Ways to Know He's Flirting with You ...


7 Ways to Know He's Flirting with You ...
7 Ways to Know He's Flirting with You ...

Sometimes, girls take a guys respect and turn it into flirting, when really, he is not flirting. Sometimes, girls don’t realize the guy is flirting, when really, he is flirting. Therefore, I am going to give you 7 ways to know he’s flirting with you …

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He Looks You in the Eye

When he is talking to you, he looks you in the eye. When you first make eye contact with you, he may slightly part his lips. Be careful, because eye contact alone doesn’t mean he is flirting with you. There has to be some other signs here.


He Laughs at Your Jokes

He gives this cute little laugh at your jokes. It seems that he is really into you and is listening to everything you say.


Even when your jokes are more dad-humor than comedy gold, he chuckles appreciatively. It's the way his eyes light up and he flashes that grin that's just shy of a full-blown laugh. He's genuinely amused—or at least he wants to make you feel like the wittiest person in the room. The point is, he's paying attention, and in the language of flirtation, his laughter is an encouraging sign that he finds joy in your presence.


He Always Has a Smile

He is always smiling at you. In fact, you can’t recall a time when you didn’t see him smiling at you. For example, if you are a cashier and he comes in your line, he will stand there while he is waiting with a smile on his face.


Gaining Your Attention

It seems that he goes out of his way just to gain your attention. There’s those exaggerated movements, which usually means that the guy is trying to stand out from the crowd. Simply put, he is trying hard to get your attention.


He may be trying to make eye contact, smiling when you look his way, and even making small talk with you. He may also compliment you, touch your arm or shoulder, or make jokes to get your attention. He might even try to make plans with you, like suggesting you both go out for coffee or lunch. He may also find reasons to be around you, like coming to the same places you go or joining the same activities. All of these are signs that he’s interested in you and is trying to flirt.


Touches His Face

When a guy is flirting, he may touch his face. He may rub his ear or chin with the back of his finger. Sometimes, I think this is an uncontrollable movement that the guy doesn’t even realize he is doing. I noticed a lot of guys who are showing interest doing this. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should take it and run with it, unless, of course, there are other signs.


He Messes with His Hair

When guys are flirting, they have a tendency to mess with their hair. He may take both of his hands and rub them through his hair. I am sure some of you girls have witnessed this one before.


He Touches You on the Shoulder

When contact is made, I think this is a good sign that he is flirting. If he leans over and touches you on the shoulder gently, then you may have a flirty guy on your hands. Sometimes, he may even give a gently push or gentle slap.

Those are 7 ways to know he is flirting with you. Of course, even with these ways, you can never be too sure. Just take it one day at a time and see where the days take you. If he is flirting, then he will start to show more and more interest in you. Perhaps you should try flirting back with him. If he stops talking after that, then he probably was not flirting. However, if he continues talking with you and things get deeper, then that is, of course, a sign. So, what are some signs in your book that he really is flirting with you?

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I have a bit of a problem, i’m 16 and a have a crush on my favorite teacher’s son who’s in he’s 20′s. We actually have some things in common and he falls into the things in your list. We both kinda have the same personality a little shy. I’m to shy to act on my feelings. And if he was into me too then I would think he would be to shy to act on them too. I’m not sure if he has a girlfriend or not. But I was wondering if I should put myself out there a little more?

What you do is pretend to not notice he is in to you. It drives him crazy

what if he is a romantic shy kind of man who doesnt really knnow how to flirt but he'll look at me and once i notice he'll almost immediately look away... is that flirting?

Gotta keep these in mind :)

A guy I like knows I like him and he told ne he likes ne back but he isn't looking for a relationship right now. I don't really want one eithe cuz I just got out of a really bad one. What should I do? We are maybe hanging out on Wednesday what should do about him?

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