7 Ways to Behave with Your Crush when You Are in a Group ...

By Lyndsie

Crushing on a guy is hard enough when you're by yourself, but when you're in a group of people, it's even more difficult. How do you handle yourself in that situation? You want to come off well, you don't want to do anything to embarrass yourself or your crush; certainly, there are special rules of etiquette for this situation, although they often remain elusive. Don't worry, though, because here are several ways to behave with your crush when you are in a group. Pay attention to these, and you'll get that boy yet!

1 Be Confident

All guys love someone confident, so that's definitely one way to behave with your crush when you are in a group. It's easy to get lost in the crowd, to be quiet and unassuming, but if you're confident in yourself without being overbearing, it will take you far. Contribute to the conversation, join in the fun, but as you can see, you have to be careful there as well--

2 Don't Hog All the Attention

Attention whores are unattractive in general. Nobody likes someone who tries to hog all of the attention and be in the center spotlight all the time. It's unappealing to men and women, boys and girls alike. When you're in a group of people, it can be tempting to make yourself stand out, but you can do that without trying to force your crush to pay attention to you by taking over every subject and bringing every conversation back around to yourself.

3 Talk to Everyone

Making sure you're friendly with everyone is another way to behave with your crush when you are in a group. By singling out your crush and not really focusing on anyone else, you're going to out yourself, plus you'll make him or her uncomfortable. However, by paying attention to everyone in the group, you're showing that you're social, nice, all encompassing, and that you enjoy being part of a group.

4 Try Not to Be Obvious

Clearly, focusing solely on your crush would be a bit too obvious. You definitely want to avoid acting obvious, because that's going to be embarrassing for the both of you. Smiling at or occasionally making eye contact with your crush is perfectly acceptable. What you don't want to do is spend the whole time making moon eyes at him or her, giving caresses, getting jealous when your crush talks to anyone else, and so on.

5 Have a Good Time

If you're having a good time, it puts you in a great like. Don't let yourself feel awkward or uncomfortable just because your crush is there. That will bleed out into the rest of your behavior, and before you know it, everyone's going to know you're not having a nice time and they're going to wonder why – possibly out loud. Plus, you may end up looking like a wallflower or a spoil sport, which won't bode well.

6 Be Open

Another way to behave with your crush when you are in a group is to be honest and open. You can be yourself while still keeping to the other points, as long as you act naturally. There are little ways you can let your crush know you're feeling him or her, without drawing the attention of the entire group or embarrassing either of you.

7 Act Mature

The best way to act around your crush, whether you're in a group or not, is to be mature. A lot of giggling, pointing, whispering to others while pointedly looking at your crush, is going to be uncomfortable for both of you. You don't need to play coy like that; being yourself will serve you much better.

It's important to know the right ways to behave with your crush when you are in a group, because group settings can be hard. Just remember that you don't need to vie for his or her attention or steal the spotlight; both of those may turn off your crush. How do you handle this particular dilemma?

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