7 Ways to Show You Are Interested in Him without Being Too Clingy ...

I’m a rather shy person, especially when it comes to taking to the opposite sex. It was always difficult for me to talk to a guy I found attractive or interesting. I think it’s important to not appear too clingy when you want to get to know a guy better. The following list includes 7 ways to show you are interested in him without being too clingy, in case you are worried about coming across as being overly attached from the start.

7. Smile when You Make Eye Contact

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There’s no harm in giving a guy you like a sweet smile when he looks at you. There’s no need to even be standing right next to one another, so there’s no way a smile could come across as being clingy at all.

6. Give Him a Compliment

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Compliment him on his attire, something he said, or anything else you can think of. As long as the compliment is sincere and doesn’t come across as being a cheesy pick-up line, it should be genuinely accepted. Don’t try to give him a string of compliments all at once or you might come across as being a bit too needy.

5. Stand Next to Him Occasionally

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Getting closer to him requires a bit of tact, in order to keep him from thinking you are stalking him. You don’t want to creep him out before you even get a chance to get to know him properly. If you can come up with a legitimate reason for standing next to a guy you like, then he might be less likely to shy away from your closeness.

4. Listen Intently when He Has Something to Say

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People like it when others pay attention to what they are saying. You can show a guy you like that you are interested in what he has to say by letting him know you are listening closely. Tossing in a couple of comments to make him more aware that you are actually listening couldn’t hurt either.

3. Laugh at His Jokes

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What guy doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention? Laughing at a guy’s jokes or witty comments is a great way to show him you are interested. This is merely a sign of admiration and doesn’t come across as being clingy to most guys.

2. Gently Lay Your Hand on His Arm to Get His Attention

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As long as you don’t grab onto his arm and hang there for a long period of time, he shouldn’t feel too weirded out. If you have a question to ask him or are going to pay him a compliment, then gingerly touch his arm or hand to get his attention before speaking your piece.

1. Talk to Him when You Get a Chance

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Simple chatter is rarely considered to be clingy behavior. Find out how he’s doing, chat about current events, or start up a conversation about something you might both have in common. Don’t following him around and try to keep the conversation going. If he politely excuses himself, then leave it at that.

I think these 7 ways to show you are interested in him without being too clingy should help you interact with a guy in a way that won’t scare him off from the start. What other ways can you show your interest and not appear to be overly needy to a guy?

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