7 Flirting Tips to Make Him Notice You ...


7 Flirting Tips to Make Him Notice You ...
7 Flirting Tips to Make Him Notice You ...

There is often a fine line between flirting and coming across as annoying, at least that’s been my experience. I’ve seen women practically throw themselves into the lap of a guy they think is extremely good looking. Some guys might be flattered by this type of behavior, but most aren’t looking for a meaningful relationship with women who act in this manner. If you want him to realize you exist and want to get his attention in a respectable fashion, then take a look at the list below. Here are 7 flirting tips to make him notice you.

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Be Mindful of Your Appearance

It’s important to not only look nice, but to also carry yourself with pride. You don’t have to be loud and obnoxious to get a guy to notice you. Dress smart and be confident in your actions. Having good posture never hurts either. This also helps you to feel better about yourself too. Most guys notice a nicely dressed female who holds her head up high with confidence.


Lavish Him with Compliments

What guy is going to ignore a compliment? People in general enjoy receiving compliments, even a subtle one. I’m sure you’ll stand out in his mind if you start offering a plethora of praise to boost his ego. Try to flatter him with words that are true though, don’t fill him up with false admiration.


Smile Whenever He Looks at You

Whenever you catch his eye, don’t forget to smile. The smile will let him know you acknowledge his gaze and welcome it. There’s so much that can be said with a smile and most guys take even the smallest grin as a signal that you are interested.


Invite Him to Dance

There’s no rule that says a woman can’t ask a man to dance. I think most guys would be flattered by a woman asking for a dance instead of vice versus. This would be a quick way to get to know the guy you are interested in, at least a little bit.


Lean in Close and Ask Him a Question

You might freak him out if you lean in close and don’t say anything at all. Maybe. If you are worried about this happening then think of a question to ask him before you lean in closer. Try to come up with a legitimate query, so it won’t seem like you are just asking random questions so you can get close to him.

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Touch His Hand or Arm

If you have a reason to get his attention, try making contact with his arm or hand when you do so. This tactic will cause him to take notice of you more quickly than if you simply speak to him from afar or smile when he looks at you. There’s something about making physical contact that causes a person to become more aware of the person they are connecting with.


Make Strong Eye Contact when You Speak with Him

Combining good eye contact with touching and leaning in close will not only make him notice you, but this combo of flirtatious behavior will definitely show him you are interested too. If he doesn’t get the hint from this behavior, then he must be blind!

Maybe you can successfully use some of these 7 flirting tips to make him notice you. What techniques have you used in the past that have gotten a guy’s attention?

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I think these tips are very great. I like someone right now and we were very close before but a lot of my co-workers tease us as lovers and after those times of teasing he seems to be very far. Thanks for the tips.. Love so much!!! =)

Hey guyz uhm we'll I met ths guy at school nd we talkd nd we both started connecting so we started hanging out bt whneva we alone we both so nervouse nd cnt seem to get a convo going he got eyes for his ex again nd we kinda lost contact for a few dayz nw he bck to me saying he relized how stuped he was nd tht he reli like me nd tht he cnt belive he wasted his chance wth me I duno wht to do nd if I let thngz bck they way it was ...is there stal gana be those awkward silences nd how do I dogde those silence


Well, i like this gut I met at the dance. It all started at a dance, one of my friends started messing with him not knowing he was her friend I messed with him also. We spoke once wich was really him asking where she was :( Anyway after the dance i had no intrest in him untill, my friend from the dance started telling me about him and how we were alike. Since then I told her i lked him knowing the guy i liked had a crush on my friend aka the girl from the dance. So she told him i liked him. We only have lunch together and now we randomly look at eachother . One day i was said i was over him. Then i caught him staring at me and looking intrested at lunch, now i notice him near me alot, and now i like him again i want to talk to him or become friends but i'm very shy when it comes to boys. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE.

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