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The name is Melanie Fitzpatrick.
The Birthday is January 4, 1985.
The passion is reptiles, pit bulls and writing. The love is for my husband (Steven) and little girl (Ariela).
The hobbies are video games, drawing, gardening, amateur radio and blogging..
The Music is Eminem, Ndubz, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Metallica, ICP, etc.
The dislikes include rude people, texting while driving, drunk drivers and people who blame others for their own mistakes.
The likes include Sports Cars, adventures and having fun.
Favorite color is purple.
The movies are from the horror genre.
The book is currently Twilight.
The quote is: "Smile and Everlasting Smile."
Anything else you want to know can be read in my writing.
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