10 Coolest Insects ...


10 Coolest Insects ...
10 Coolest Insects ...

Yes, I like insects, is that weird? I think they’re cool. While they’re all cool, there are some that are cooler than the others. I would like to tell you about 10 coolest insects, so get ready for this creepy crawly blog! Oh and don’t run! They’re not going to jump out on you from the screen…

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Dragonflies Photo Credit: AgniMax

They have large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong wings and a long body. They are much like damselflies. Dragonflies have six legs, just like any other insect has, but they are not able to walk. They are valuable as they eat mosquitoes and other small insects such as ants, bees, flies and sadly, butterflies.



Katydids Photo Credit: Tanya Puntti

I know them as katydids, they are in the Tettigoniidae family. In British English, they are known as bush-crickets. They are also referred to as long horned grasshoppers. Don’t you think they look neat? They take on the shape and colors of leaves.



Photo Credit: Wesley Chan

They are also known as the Phasmatodea. They have a natural camouflage. That natural camouflage makes them difficult to see. Have you ever came across a walkingstick in your yard? Aren’t they cool-looking?


European Mantis

European Mantis Photo Credit: hamadryades

I always liked the manits. They are also known as the Praying Mantis. Their shades come in bright green and tan. They have a black ring spot right under the fore coxae. What do you think of them?



Ladybug Photo Credit: Habub3

Personally, I always thought of the ladybug as good luck. Whenever I see a ladybug, that means I have good luck near. They are neither birds nor bugs. They are known for being useful insects, because they feed on other insects in a garden.


California Dogface Butterfly

California Dogface Butterfly Photo Credit: davidhofmann08

This is one cool-looking butterfly. Butterflies are beautiful nonetheless, but this one really caught my eye. In the state of California, since 1972, this has been the state insect. The wing pattern resembles the face of a dog. Some say it looks like a poodle.


Brentid Weevils

Brentid Weevils Photo Credit: Rundstedt B. Rovillos

These are mostly tropical beetles. They have elongated, slender bodies with long, straight snouts. They are brown and reddish in color and have an antennae made from round segments. They can be found under the tree bark. They feed on other wood-eating insects and fungi.



Cicada Photo Credit: Fernando Felix

I always thought these were real cool! I always find the shell left behind by these bugs. They have large eyes that are wide apart on their head. I never get to come across them much (besides that dry shell), but I do hear them from time to time. I did manage to catch a couple before though and it was amazing.


Cicadas are insects belonging to the order Hemiptera and the family Cicadidae. They are found worldwide, but are most abundant in tropical regions. They are known for their loud, distinctive chirping and buzzing sounds, which are produced by males as a way of attracting mates.

Cicadas have a life cycle of two to five years, depending on the species. During this time, they live underground as nymphs, feeding on the sap of tree roots. When they emerge as adults, they are only active for a few weeks or months. During this time, they mate, lay eggs, and die.

Cicadas are known for their large, bulging eyes and their hard, shell-like exoskeletons. They also have two pairs of transparent wings, which they use to fly.

Cicadas are harmless to humans, and most species are not pests. They are an important food source for many animals, including birds, frogs, and bats. They are also a valuable source of nutrients for the trees they feed on.



Dobsonfly Photo Credit: kaleidoscope

The dobsonfly spends a couple of years as a larval hellgrammite. The adult only enjoys a couple of days as being a terrestrial adult. The adult male’s sickle shaped mandibles are just for decoration. Do you have these in your area?


Short Horned Grasshopper

Short Horned Grasshopper Photo Credit: Anvica

Looking at grasshoppers bring back so many memories! I live in Florida and every spring/summer, I would catch these as a kid! The young adult does not have fully developed wings. Did you know they have visible tympanic membranes on the side of their abdomen that are for hearing? The long legs allow them to leap away from danger. They’re cool insects!

All 10 of the insects on this list deserve to be here. There are many other insects that deserve to be on this list, but I did not get a chance to include them. I told you, I like all animals, including insects. Which one is your favorite? Don’t like them? Then which one do you not like the most?

Top Photo Credit: Batikart

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You forgot to mention that the Cicada emerges every 17 years and lives for only a few days!

I'm pretty sure that weevil had mites.

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