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Just because I’m getting older doesn’t mean I want to LOOK like I’m getting older! I’m especially concerned about the signs of aging on my face, around my eyes, on my forehead, around my mouth. Who in my age group isn’t? Recently I received a sample of Philosophy’s “When Hope is not Enough,” and started using it with their “Hope in a Jar” and “Microdelivery.” And I have to say, the three of them together, with “Help Me” is hands-down the best skin regimen I’ve ever tried… and that’s saying a lot…

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Just so you know: the Microdelivery is step one, an exfoliating wash. Hope in a Jar is the second step, a gentle, soufflé-texture moisturizer. The third and final step in my morning regimen is five drops of When Hope is not Enough, a firming serum. You simple squeeze five drops into your palms, then rub it gently over your face and neck. It gives a soothing cooling sensation that I imagine will feel wonderful in the summer… and it really, really works. After four weeks of using all three morning products, I have seen a real difference in my skin — it looks smoother, rosier, and most of all, YOUNGER. Fine lines have diminished, especially around my eyes and mouth, and my pores actually look smaller!

The serum comes in a dropper-bottle, so it’s easy to dispense. It absorbs quickly, and is very, very light. The scent is slightly medicinal, herbal, and very pleasant. I love that I can wear it right under my make-up, and I love how soft and smooth my skin looks and feels! I tend to only use it in my morning regimen, as I use a retinol cream (called Help Me, from the Philosophy line) at night. I really enjoy using When Hope is Not Enough, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it!

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